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Inflation and Consumer Spending

Consumer Price Index

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Monthly CPI Announcement

Historical Average Price Data for Electricity, Utility (Piped) Gas, and Gasoline

Average retail food and energy prices, U.S. city average and four regions

Historical Tables (last ten years)

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Producer Price Index

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Consumer Expenditure Survey

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Employment and Unemployment

County Employment and Wages

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Employment and Average Weekly Wages by State and County

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Employment by Industry (Current Employment Statistics - CES)

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District of Columbia
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West Virginia
New Jersey
United States
Selected Large Metropolitan Areas (current CES\LAUS, not seasonally adjusted)

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Special Employment Topics from the Current Population Survey

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Occupational Employment and Wages in the Mid-Atlantic Region

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Unemployment in the Mid-Atlantic Region

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Unemployment Rates by County

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Pay and Benefits

Regional Employment Costs

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National Compensation Survey

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National Compensation Survey

National Compensation Survery Bulletins

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Workplace Injuries

Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries

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