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The Office of Personnel Management's GoLearn Program

Our Mission: GoLearn is a catalyst for transforming the way government manages human capital by effectively and efficiently implementing solutions that align workforce development with organizational goals, resulting in improved mission attainment.

GoLearn provides comprehensive Human Capital solutions to assist agencies with each phase of the Human Resource Development lifecycle:

  • Planning and Strategy Development Services
    GoLearn assists client agencies with developing detailed requirements, constructing an implementation strategy, milestones, and other related planning documents. GoLearn coordinates the development and communication of agencies' eLearning business case, estimate of costs, impacts on the strategic management of human capital, as well as change management consulting services.
  • Acquisition Support Services
    GoLearn provides the following Contracting Officer, Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR), and contracting technician services: work development of SOWs and task orders, conducting task order award competitions, coordination of activities between GoLearn vendors and the client agencies, as well as making the task order awards. GoLearn can manage the post-award work with a certified Project Management Professional.
  • Project Management Professional Services
    GoLearn provides a Project Management Professional (PMP) to manage and provide oversight for all LMS implementations, and IT system integrations related to human capital system implementations. Over the past six years GoLearn PMP's have implemented some of the largest eTraining systems in the Federal government.
GoLearn Products and Services Include:

GoLearn ServiceDescription
Learning Management Systems (LMS) Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)The full spectrum of LMS services including customized LMS/LCMS services which have the ability to manage all forms of content and human capital performance tools via a web-based learning management system.
Training ContentThe full range of web-accessible training content and training services, including off the shelf courseware and content, such as IT, computer desktop, business, HR and professional training, live "e-structors" or subject matter experts, live telephone mentoring.
Collaboration Tools and Human Capital Performance ApplicationsCollaboration software consists of online meetings and virtual classrooms using real-time video and audio, collaborative whiteboards, communities of practice, chat capabilities, and breakout sessions. Human Capital Performance applications include 360 degree feedback and skill gap analysis.
Implementation, Customization and Integration Support ServicesIT Integration including integration with Legacy systems, development of network compatibility solutions, programming and application program interface development.
Consulting, Transformational Change ManagementIncludes consulting and implementation services to integrate e-Training systems with agencies' existing HR and Human Capital Performance Management Systems, and win acceptance by management and the end user. Includes marketing assistance.
Academic Licensing, Credentials, and Online DegreesEducation services, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, online course offerings, educational advisory services.

For more information, please contact us at GoLearn-info@opm.gov

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