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    updated: August 12, 2008
S t e e l I m p o r t M o n i t o r i n g a n d A n a l y s i s S y s t e m
• • • •   All imports of Steel Mill products need a license to complete CBP entry summary.   • • • •

T h e   L i c e n s i n g   A p p l i c a t i o n   P r o c e s s
Register for a User ID to access the Online License System
(Registration not required to access Import Monitor)
Use your User ID to log onto the System & Apply for Licenses
(A separate license is required for each entry summary)

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Steel Mill Import Monitor   Steel Mill Import Monitor
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      Canada:   Steel Export and Import Controls
      Mexico:   Import Monitoring, Iron and Steel Sector
      NAFTA Steel Trade Monitor

    Track Import Licensing Statistics   [Over 3000 have Registered for a User ID]  
    Frequently Asked Questions   [Updated September 12, 2007]   (PDF 5pp 153K)  
    Information for Completing the Steel Import License Form  
    Steel Mill Products included under SIMA as of July 1, 2008   (PDF 11pp 96K)  
    About the Import Monitor and Graphics   (PDF 5pp 234K)  
    SIMA FR Notices  
    Monthly Commerce Steel Fact Sheet   (PDF 2pp 107K)  
    Steel Import License Application Form   (PDF 16pp 278K)  
          This PDF version is for your information and emergency use.
          Please register for User IDs, then apply online for the licenses.
    Request for Low Value Steel License   (PDF 1pp 71K)  
          Only for licenses with total value of $250 or less per entry.

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