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Office of CIO (OCIO)



The Department of Treasury’s E-Government (E-Gov) program is dedicated to leveraging innovative Information Technology (IT) solutions to modernize and web-enable government services, increasing government responsiveness to citizens and business, and enhancing government-wide efficiency and effectiveness.


E-Government –Treasury continues to identify and develop targeted Treasury E-Gov initiatives to improve service delivery to citizens and businesses. Treasury is a managing partner in two of the Presidential E-Gov initiatives, and participates in several other Presidential E-Gov initiatives. View Key Documents.

Enterprise Architecture – The Treasury Enterprise Architecture (TEA) will establish a roadmap for the modernization and optimization of the Department’s business processes and IT environment. The TEA will provide a framework to guide IT investment planning, streamline systems, and ensure that IT programs align with business requirements and strategic goals. View Key Documents

Enterprise Solutions – Enterprise Solutions (ES) enables the Department to deliver innovative and cost-effective enterprise-wide services to its users. The ES program leads efforts to promote common platforms and solutions that consolidate and leverage existing systems to optimize efficiency and performance.

Key Documents

FY 2007 Department of Treasury E-Government Act Report pdf icon

Technical Standards Profile pdf icon

Treasury IT Performance Measures Guide pdf icon

Treasury IT Performance Measures Guide A11 Addendum pdf icon

HSPD-12 OMB Data Call pdf icon

FY2006 Department of Treasury E-Government Act Report pdf icon

FY2005 Department of Treasury E-Government Act Report pdf icon

Treasury Information Technology Strategic Plan for 2006 pdf icon


Last Updated: December 21, 2007





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