NOAA FISHERIES: Science Centers


Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Auke Bay Laboratory
Kodiak Laboratory
Little Port Walter Field Station


Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Manchester Field Station
Mukilteo Field Station
Pasco Field Station
Hammond Field Station
Newport Field Station

Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands Science Center


Southwest Fisheries Science Center
La Jolla Laboratory
Santa Cruz Laboratory
Pacific Grove Laboratory (formerly known as the Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory)
Arcata Field Station
Granite Canyon Field Station
Piedras Blancas Field Station
Antarctic Peninsula Field Stations


Southeast Fisheries Science Center
Galveston Laboratory
Panama City Laboratory
Pascagoula Laboratory
Beaufort Laboratory (NMFS Component)


Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Woods Hole Laboratory
Milford Laboratory
James J. Howard Laboratory
Narragansett Laboratory
National Systematics Laboratory
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