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    Welcome to the GoLearn.gov Learning Center!
    If you are here to take the OPM Annual Computer Security Awareness Training course, please click HERE or on the link in the OPM ONLY course section below.

    All other GoLearn.gov users, please login in the Log On box.

    GoLearn.gov provides government employees and military personnel with Web-based learning and development courses, as well as many other products and services. In the coming weeks, clients will find course offerings from a wide variety of eLearning content vendors in addition to those currently offered.

    GoLearn.gov wants to be your solution for accessing government-wide mandated training. GoLearn has partnered with various government entities and subject matter experts to compile a library of legally mandated courses in an accurate and intuitive format.

    What's New on GoLearn.gov?

    OPM ONLY: Annual Computer Security Awareness Training
    An image depicting a computer fending off viral attack.
    For OPM only, the 2008 OPM Information Technology (IT) Security Awareness and Privacy Training course is now available on GoLearn.gov. To register for the course, please click HERE. Note that you will need the password that is sent in the email that assigned you to the course. If you are not an OPM employee or OPM contractor and would like access to the course contact your training coordinator. This course is for OPM only.

    Working Effectively with Tribal Governments
    This is an image of a Native American Indian woman. GoLearn.gov is providing ongoing access of the training course, "Working Effectively with Tribal Governments". This course will help you develop an understanding of tribal issues and concerns. You will learn how the unique status of Indian tribes and their historical relationship with the federal government affects government programs, responsibilities, and initiatives.

    To purchase access to the "Working Effectively with Tribal Government" course, please email golearn-info@opm.gov.

    Please log in to the GoLearn.gov site with your username and password! If you do not have a username or password, please download our purchase order form. Once you have downloaded the form, please follow the instructions on tab 1 to fill out and submit your purchase order form. If you are a government employee or military personnel, you only need to submit the Federal LMS User fee to gain access to HSPD-12 training and other government courseware.

    If you already have a GoLearn.gov account, and have already logged in, please click here to go directly to HSPD-12 training. You will need to select the Register button for each course to access the course. Once you have registered, please go to My Courses link at the top of the page and then Online Courses to access your training.

    SkillSoft and NETg merge libraries!
    Anyone who currently has access to the NETg library will be able to access their courses throughout their period of performance. However, SkillSoft is no longer accepting new NETg library requests. Please feel free to peruse the SkillSoft catalog via the GoLearn.gov Course Catalog. You will see many courses once accessed under the NETg library are accessible via the SkillSoft library.

    GoLearn is updating the course catalog!
    The course catalog is undergoing big changes in the coming weeks including a new intuitive layout!

    If you have any questions or concerns or want more information on GoLearn.gov or the GoLearn program, please email us at golearn-info@opm.gov.

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