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NUREG-Series Publications
Publications Prepared by NRC Staff
Brochures Prepared by NRC Staff
Conference Proceedings Prepared by NRC Staff or Contractors
Publications Prepared NRC Contractors
Publications Resulting from International Agreements
Publications Available in ADAMS
Drafts for Comment

Brochures Prepared by NRC Staff

Brief publications about NRC programs, designed for the general public and licensees. Other brochures may be available in ADAMS.

Document Identifier Title
NUREG/BR-0006 Instructions for Completing Nuclear Material Transaction Reports
NUREG/BR-0007 Instructions for the Preparation and Distribution of Material Status Reports
NUREG/BR-0010 Citizen's Guide to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information
NUREG/BR-0018 The Honor Law Graduate Program
NUREG/BR-0050 ACNW Action Plan
NUREG/BR-0058 Regulatory Analysis Guidelines of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NUREG/BR-0099 The Nuclear Regulatory Commission Fact Sheet
NUREG/BR-0108 Poster- "Radioactive Scrap - Be Aware!"
NUREG/BR-0117 FSME Quarterly Newsletters
NUREG/BR-0133 Working Safely with Nuclear Gauges
NUREG/BR-0137 NRC Fact Sheet: Nuclear Material and Safeguards
NUREG/BR-0146 The IG at the NRC
NUREG/BR-0147 Fraud Awareness
NUREG/BR-0164 NRC: Regulator of Nuclear Safety
NUREG/BR-0200 Public Petition Process
NUREG/BR-0204 Instructions for Completing NRC's Uniform Low-Level Radioactive Waste Manifest
NUREG/BR-0215 Public Involvement in the Nuclear Regulatory Process
NUREG/BR-0216 Radioactive Waste: Production, Storage, Disposal
NUREG/BR-0217 The Regulation and Use of Radioisotopes in Today's World
NUREG/BR-0238 Materials Annual Fee Billing Handbook
NUREG/BR-0240 Reporting Safety Concerns to the NRC
NUREG/BR-0249 The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel
NUREG/BR-0254 Payment Methods
NUREG/BR-0256 The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and How It Works
NUREG/BR-0272 OIG Fraud Bulletin
NUREG/BR-0280 Regulating Nuclear Fuel
NUREG/BR-0282 Nuclear Research Programs To Ensure Public Health and Safety
NUREG/BR-0284 Mixed Oxide Fuel News
NUREG/BR-0286 ACRS Action Plan
NUREG/BR-0291 Reactor License Renewal - Preparing for Tomorrow's Safety Today
NUREG/BR-0292 Safety of Spent Fuel Transportation
NUREG/BR-0297 NRC Public Meetings
NUREG/BR-0298 Nuclear Power Plant Licensing Process
NUREG/BR-0299 Web-Based Public Access to ADAMS
NUREG/BR-0301 Licensing Support Network
NUREG/BR-0303 Guidance for Performance-Based Regulation
NUREG/BR-0304 OIG Information Digest
NUREG/BR-0308 Effective Risk Communication
NUREG/BR-0309 Serving on the Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes (ACMUI): A Member's Guide
NUREG/BR-0312 Alternate Fire Protection Rule for Light-Water Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG/BR-0313 Early ADR Program
NUREG/BR-0314 Protecting Our Nation - Since 9-11-01
NUREG/BR-0317 Post-Investigation ADR Program
NUREG/BR-0316 Comprehensive Diversity Management Plan
NUREG/BR-0318 Effective Risk Communication: Guideline for Internal Risk Communication
NUREG/BR-0322 Radiation Protection and the NRC
NUREG/BR-0325 USNRC's Decommissioning Program
NUREG/BR-0353 Davis-Besse Reactor Pressure Vessel Head Degradation - Overview, Lessons Learned, and NRC Actions Based on Lessons Learned

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