In Depth: The Engine
full control The F-19 Wood and Wire The Cockpit In the Air
Full Control

The Wright brothers' controls evolved in a process started in 1899 with their first kite. The Wrights' controls were the first to give the pilot full command of the aircraft.

The Wright Story
Flyer cockpitWhy did the Wrights control their first aircraft lying down?
Education Feature: Inner-tube box Inspiration?
Rediscovering Wright Control
The Model "B" was the Wrights' most popular aircraft, yet the controls are unlike anything found in airplanes today. This feature explores the control system of the model "B" and the dedicated detective work and masterful craftsmanship that are bringing it back to life.
The F-19 The F-19: How the surviving controls of a legendary plane became the model for a new cockpit.
Wood And Wire Wood and Wire: Follow the construction process as an airplane comes to life.
The Cockpit The Cockpit: Sit inside the Model "B" with Ken Hyde at College Park, Maryland. Get a feel for the way the controls actually work.
In the Air In the Air: What was it like to actually fly the Model "B"? Step into our simulator and follow the stories of the skilled Wright pilots.


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