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The NRC expects to hire approximately 200 new staff this year, primarily professional engineers, nuclear scientists, and security professionals.

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Employment Opportunities

NRC–A Great Place to Work

First in the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government exit icon rankings. For additional information, see our Employee Satisfaction Surveys page.

To join our team of highly valued professionals, see the following:

NRC's mission is to regulate the civilian use of nuclear power and nuclear materials in order to protect the health and safety of our people, our environment, and our nation.

NRC licenses nuclear facilities and the use of nuclear materials, inspects nuclear facilities and materials, and enforces compliance with our strict standards and requirements.

From nuclear power plants that generate electricity - to universities and hospitals that use nuclear materials - to facilities that produce nuclear materials - to storage sites for nuclear waste - NRC is there with the power to monitor, enforce, and protect.

This formidable challenge is met by NRC's diverse and dedicated workforce at several locations. For more information, see our Contact Us About Employment page.

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Monday, September 15, 2008