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The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is pleased to present TEAS - the Trademark Electronic Application System. TEAS allows you to fill out a form, check it for completeness, and then submit the form directly to the USPTO over the internet, making an official filing on-line.

NOTE: All Filers should check Current Server Status and Planned Outages before beginning the application process.

New Filers are encouraged to review Where Do I Start information before beginning the application process. To preview all pages of the initial Trademark/Servicemark application, to determine what information is needed before starting an actual application, click here.    New
WARNING: For information about solicitations you may receive from companies NOT associated with the USPTO, click here.     New

WARNING: All data you submit through TEAS will become public record and will be viewable in the USPTO's on-line databases, including your phone number, email address, and street address, where provided. Please avoid submitting personal identifying information that is NOT required for a filing, such as a social security number or driver's license number. Also, to maintain confidentiality of banking or credit card information, only enter payment information in the secure portion of the site after validating your form; do not enter a credit card number or other payment information anywhere within the front part of a TEAS form.


        up-coming enhancement
- Response form checkbox (New 08/27/2008)
- State of bar membership (New 08/20/2008)
- Expanded PDF size (New 07/10/2008)
- Paper filing required (New 08/01/2008)
- Filing requests to divide (Updated 08/01/2008)
- Change of Correspondence Address form update (Updated 05/13/2008)
- Access to financial data (New 04/17/2008)

        Important Notices
- Response to Office action form Tips (Updated 01/22/2008)

- Form Session Time Limit (Updated 02/09/2007)

- ROA Form Feedback (New 02/01/2007)

- Using Blackberry with TEAS

- PDF Requirements (Updated 07/10/2008)

- Procedure for Opening TEAS Forms

- Post-Publication Amendments (New 08/30/2006)

- Keeping Data When "Backing Up" in Forms

- Eastern Time Controls Filing Date (Updated 01/29/2007)

- Image Files for TEAS (Updated 09/08/2006)

- Avoiding Formatting Problems

- Sound/Motion Marks and Electronic Filing
(Updated 11/27/2007)

- Ensuring delivery of emails sent from the USPTO
(Updated 01/03/2007)

- Contact Us (Updated 08/28/2008)
Click here for TEAS TECHNICAL INFORMATION, TEAS TUTORIAL (step-by-step instructions for filing your application directly over the Internet), and ELECTRONIC FILING TIPS.
  Click below to access the correct form: NOTE: To learn which forms currently require paper filing, click here.   New
         File NEW application
         File a PRE-registration Form
           -File Preliminary Amendment
           -File Extension of time or Allegation of Use/Statement of Use
          - File form after receiving your Notice of Allowance (NOA)
          - File Request to Delete Section 1(b) basis, Intent to Use
         File a POST-publication amendment Form New
         File a POST-registration form or Renew an Existing
            Registered Mark
         Section 7 Request for Amendment or Correction of Registration Certificate
         File a Response Form
           -File a Response to Office Action
           -File a Request for Reconsideration after Final Action
          - File a Response to Suspension Inquiry or
             Letter of Suspension
         Change of Address Forms
         Express Abandonment Form
         Petition Forms: Request Revival of Abandoned Application
           For Petition Information Sheet for a paper filing, please click here
         Withdrawal of Attorney & Revocation/Appointment of
            Attorney/Domestic Representative Forms
      Madrid Protocol Forms
      Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Forms*
  * NOTE: The TEAS team does NOT provide technical assistance for these forms, which are outside the trademark business unit and are listed here only for easier access. For help with these forms, please use the CONTACT INFORMATION section on the front page that displays after clicking the links, above.
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