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Success Stories: DHS Officially Ends “Catch & Release” Policy

Objective: Continue to Protect our Nation from Dangerous People

Situation   Action
  • Tens of thousands of “Other Than Mexican” (OTM) illegal aliens enter the U.S. every year
  • 2005: More than 160,000 OTMs apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol; only 30,000 of those deported
  • All Mexicans caught are returned immediately
  • Many OTMs released on own recognizance, very few of them return for immigration hearings
  • Oct 18, 2005: DHS ends “Catch & Release”
  • Secretary Chertoff looks for progress in one year
  • Southwest Border (SWB) is focus of DHS
  • DHS increases budget $90M to address SWB
  • DHS increases beds to hold apprehended OTMs
  • DHS decreases time to deport: 90 to >45 days
Result   "Other Than Mexican" Apprehensions by Month:
  • The problem of “Catch & Release” of OTMs on SWB comes under control with more resources
  • Interior enforcement of illegal aliens is on the rise
  • Dramatic decrease in human traffic, as well as apprehensions, from years 2005 to 2007
  • No releases of OTMs to date due to a lack of detention bed space or processing capacity
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This page was last modified on August 30, 2007