In Depth: The 1902 GliderIn Depth: The 1902 Glider
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With the 1902 Glider, the Wright brothers achieved a major goal: full control of a flying machine. Their effort of the previous three years had finally paid off.

The Wright Story
The 1901 Glider
Image credit: Library of CongressWhat happened in 1901?
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Reproducing an accurate 1902 Glider is a complex combination of detective work, engineering, and craftsmanship. The glider is critical—like the original, it will be used to train pilots to fly the 1903 Flyer.
Data and Design Data and Design: The Wrights' original glider was designed from experience, calculations, and experiment. Building the reproduction glider means following a trail of clues and looking for undiscovered details.
Assembly Assembly: How was the 1902 Glider built? Visit the Wright Experience as the team brings the glider's many parts together.
Control Control: Explore the control system of the glider, with video demonstrations and detailed pictures of each surface.
Flight Tests Flight Tests: The 1902 Glider finally gave the Wrights what they had wanted all along—time in the air. Join the Wright Experience pilots as they learn first hand how to fly the machine.

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