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Coral Reef Conservation

International Collaboration

Marine Protected Areas

National Marine Sanctuary System

Ocean Exploration

Oil and Chemical Spills

Coastal Decision-making Tools

Coastal Ecosystem Science

Coastal Zone Management

Coastal Monitoring and Observations

Contaminants in the Environment

Ecological Forecasting

Harmful Algal Blooms

National Estuarine Research Reserves

Natural Hazards Assessment

Natural Resource Restoration

Training and Capacity- Building

Aerial Photography and Shoreline Mapping

Global Positioning

Height Modernization

Hydrographic Surveying

Marine Navigation

Tides and Currents

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NOAA's National Ocean Service is composed of ten program and staff offices.  Summary information and direct access to their official Web sites is provided below.

image ocean service program offices image Ocean Service Headquarters
Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services:
| Official Web Site
National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science:
Official Web Site
National Geodetic Survey:
Official Web Site
NOAA Coastal Services Center: Summary | Official Web Site
Office of Coast Survey:
Official Web Site
Office of National Marine Sanctuaries:
Official Web Site
Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management:
Official Web Site
Office of Response and Restoration:
Official Web Site
Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Programs
NOAA Integrated Ocean Observing System Program
International Program Office:
| Official Web Site
Management and Budget Office

NOAA's National Ocean Service is one of five major line offices in NOAA. Below are links to the NOAA site and the official Web sites of NOAA's other line offices.

image ocean service program offices

National Environmental Satellite, Data & Information Service
National Marine Fisheries Service
National Weather Service
NOAA Research

Of special note

The National Ocean Service 2007 Annual Report (pdf, 2.0 mb, 48 pages) is now online.

Visit the newly redesigned NOS International Program Office Web site to learn about NOS-wide international activities that bring together expertise and technical capabilities to protect ocean and coastal resources on a global level.

Visit NOAA's New England Red Tide Information Center Web site to view up-to-date information about significant harmful algal blooms predicted for the coast of New England.



featured web sites

Visit this Web site to view a presentation explaining how NOS's Office of Response and Restoration and the National Weather Service work together in responding to an oil or chemical spill to enhance trajectory models, conduct safe field operations, and plan overflights.


The Web site of NOAA@Nauticus discusses this exciting partnership between NOAA and Nauticus, Virginia's seaport museum in downtown Norfolk. Together, NOAA and Nauticus are developing exhibits and educational programs to enhance scientific and environmental literacy and increase understanding about NOAA.


Visit the NOAA 200th Celebration Web Site to see how the National Ocean Service has contributed to this 200-year legacy. Learn about our history, including how our charting and coastal mapping pieces have grown since the 1800s. Explore how recent changes have shaped NOAA and NOS initiatives, such as in marine sanctuaries, coastal management, and coastal ecosystem research. Or, take a look at what lies in our future, from remote sensing to spill response.


popular NOS information

Visit the Office of Coast Survey Navigational Charts Web site to access nautical charts in various formats.

Learn about coastal population trends between 1980 and 2003 and projected change by 2008.

Visit Tides Online for tide levels arround the U.S.

Search the NOAA Staff Directory

Interested in working at NOAA? Visit the NOAA Careers page.

Tell us how we are doing. Take the Online User Survey.

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