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The ABC Immunization Calendar

The ABC Immunization Calendar software program creates customized monthly calendars for parents and their babies ages 2 and younger. The full-color, wall-sized (11" x 17") calendar includes: (1) age-matched information about home safety, injury prevention, clinical preventive services, parenting skills, and child development; (2) ongoing tracking of height and weight; (3) a digital picture of the baby; (4) professional graphics tailored to the ethnicity of the baby; (5) a reminder for the next immunization appointment; (6) contact information and logo for the health center or sponsoring organization; and (7) birthday reminders for the baby, parent, and siblings. The content of each monthly calendar is tailored to each specific baby and family based upon information obtained from parents. Each monthly calendar contains a special monthly topic relevant to the baby's age or another family characteristic. In addition, days on the calendar carry messages and action steps related to the monthly topic and other topics. The ABC Immunization Calendar software program was created using Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0. In order to run the program, the following software and hardware is required: Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Access 97, a color monitor with 800x600 resolution or higher, a Kodak DC220 digital camera, and a tabloid-size printer.


Contact Information

Health Communication Research Laboratory, St. Louis University
321 North Spring
St. Louis, MO 63108
Contact: Charlene Caburnay, Research Coordinator
Phone: (314) 977-4028
Fax: (314) 977-4016
E-mail: caburnay@slu.edu
Web site:


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