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Air Academy: The Quest for Airtopia

Air Academy: The Quest for Airtopia is an asthma educational CD-ROM game for children ages 6 to 12 years old. In a science fiction mission-oriented game environment, children will complete missions to four alien worlds to find clues, which will lead them to AirTopia. Each mission is designed to educate children on a variety of issues on asthma: anatomy and pathophysiology, role of environmental triggers, symptoms, therapeutic compliance and management, goals of asthma management, social awareness, and the skills to deal with peer pressure and asthma specific social situations. Analogies are used throughout the game to assist the understanding of these messages and then straightforward links are drawn between the analogies and the relevant asthma facts. Designed by a team of health professionals, child psychologists, educational experts, and multimedia developers in conjunction with children with asthma, this CD-ROM game offers kids the motivation, knowledge, skills, reinforcement, and tools they need to take charge of their asthma. I.C. Axon Inc. and Merck and Co. developed the CD-ROM, which runs on both Mac and PC platforms.


Contact Information

Merck and Co. and I.C. Axon Inc.
3575 St. Laurent Boulevard
Montreal, Quebec, H2X 2T6
Contact: Eric Frendo, Vice President, Marketing and Sales
Phone: (514) 274-4400
Fax: (514) 274-4012
E-mail: efrendo@icaxon.com
Web site:


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