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HealthTalk Interactive

HealthTalk Interactive (HTI) uses in-depth audio interviews and the distribution power of the Internet to connect people to medical specialists, the latest emerging medical information, and a community of others with similar health concerns, at www.healthtalk.com. Most online health sites offer brief, text-only information about many conditions. HTI chooses to offer audio information about serious health concerns in greater depth, and with the most authoritative and current information from top experts. As a leading online producer of audio medical content, HTI is noted for its rigorous emphasis on seeking out nationally recognized specialists in each condition. These experts participate in live programs where patients, their families and/or their doctors can pose questions, listen to others pose questions, and hear the answers, either across computer Internet connections, or often across toll-free phone lines. In many cases, patient advocates provide the patient perspective. In all cases, content is made available in streaming audio, for an immediacy and personal touch that is of great comfort to listeners. Being able to hear the conversations also makes the information accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to read. Finally, audio interviews with real patients, some of whom are celebrities, provide personal support and comfort.


Contact Information

HealthTalk Interactive
1109 First Avenue, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98101
Contact: Lauren Hayes, HTI Producer, Video Production Manager
Phone: (206) 233-0135
Fax: (206) 233-0236
E-mail: lauren@healthtalk.com
Web site: http://www.healthtalk.com


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Partnerships for Health in the New Millennium          January 24-28, 2000         Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC

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