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Adjudication (Hearings)
Access to Hearing Documents for Parties and the Public
Reactors, Materials and Other Hearings
High-Level Waste Hearings
Adjudicatory Process
The Hearing Process
Types of Hearings
Public Involvement in Hearings
Hearing Opportunities
Hearing Decisions
Overview for Using the Electronic Hearing Docket
ASLBP and Commission Responsibilities
ASLBP Responsibilities
Commission Adjudicatory Responsibilities
Related Information
Understanding 10 CFR Part 2: Rules of Practice
NRC Staff Practice and Procedure Digest

System Notice

ADVANCED WEB SEARCH is here! Search the Reactors, Materials and Other Hearings docket via the new Advanced Web Search capability. Use the link on this page.

Reactors, Materials and Other Hearings

This section provides links to the official docket maintained by the Office of the Secretary in accordance with the requirements of 10 CFR Part 2, for hearings on reactor licenses, reactor license amendments, reactor decommissioning, license transfers, operating life extensions and enforcement proceedings. The official docket also contains the record for proceedings on nuclear material license applications, license amendments, nuclear fuel fabrication plant licenses and licenses for processing facilities, nuclear waste storage, the medical use of nuclear materials and the import and export of nuclear materials. Additional links on this page are to guidance on the steps necessary for participation in a proceeding before the Commission, an Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, or another presiding officer as well as reference materials that are important resources for hearing participants.

Electronic Filing Tools for Participants

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