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Indian Health Service List Server Tuesday, September 16, 2008
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List Serv
Our custom tag called act_ListServOps is available to any developer and can be used on the internet or intranet websites. The tag allows the developer to determine column width, CSS settings, and get help. The tag allows any user to subscribe, unsubscribe, and send a message to a list. It also displays links to the IHS List Serv and List Server Home Page. The minimal syntax for the custom tag is as follows:
<cf_act_ListServOps list="<listname>" class_link="<class1>" class_text="<class2>">
When one site has more than one list - EHR.
<cf_act_ListServOps list="ehr" class_link="link" class_text="content" display="subscribe,unsubscribe,message">
<cf_act_ListServOps list="ehrtech" class_link="link" class_text="content">
Link to EHR List Serv page.
Output from the custom tag when using the test list.
The following links are used for list 'Test List' (TEST)
Subscribe Uses your native email agent to send an email to the IHS List Server to subscribe to Test List - no need to enter your email address
Unsubscribe Uses your native email agent to send an email to the IHS List Server to unsubscribe from Test List - no need to enter your email address
Send Message Uses your native email agent to send an email to the Test List list - no need to enter your email address
Links to servers
IHS List Serv Links to the IHS List Server
List Server Home Page Links to the IHS List Server Home Page
For help with the custom tag:
<cf_act_ListServOps help="1">
Output from the custom tag when the help attribute is used.
The listserv custom tag displays links to the following items:

  • IHS List Serv - (listserv)
  • IHS List Serv Home Page - (ihslistserv)
  • Subscribe (subscribe)
  • Unsubscribe (unsubscribe)
  • Send Message (message)

  • The values in parathesis are used with parameter display or do not include the attribute display in your call to display all.
    Parameter Meaning
    List Name of list (short name) - required
    Display What to display [valid: listserv,ihslistserv,subscribe,unsubscribe,message]
    Class_Link Class for links
    Class_Text Class for text
    Left_Width Width of left side (menu) in % - default is 20%
    Right_Width Width of right side (item) in % - default is 100%-left_width
    Menu_Align Alignment of left side (menu) - default is left
    Spacer Adds a blank line after links to list serv home pages
    Help Displays this menu

    Availabe Lists
    List Code List Name
    ad Ad?
    boc BOC?
    boc_nceo BOC_NCEO?
    ccc Chief Clinical Consultants
    ccwg CCWG?
    cdg CDG
    cimtac Clinician's Information Management and Technology Advisory Counc
    cirpda Cir PDA?
    compliance Compliance?
    cvdprevent CVD Prevention
    dentalhygiene Dental Hygiene
    dentalsupportcenter Dental Support Center
    diabetes Diabetes
    dm_best DM Best?
    eldercare Elder Care
    eldp Executive Leadership Development Program
    familypractice Family Practice
    feedback IHS Feedback
    gpraplus GPRA Plus (Now Clinical Reporting System)
    hipaa Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    ihscoders IHS Coders
    ihsdental IHS Dental
    ihsdentalassist IHS Dental Assists
    ihsdiabetes IHS Diabetes
    ihsrx IHS Pharmacy
    ihswebcontractor IHS Web Subcontractor
    isac Information Systems Advisory Committee
    kidney IHS Kidney
    laclist LAC List
    mch Maternal Child Health
    midwives Mid Wives
    nccdexec National Council of Clinical Directors - Executive
    nccdlist National Council of Clinical Directors
    ncps Ncps?
    netmanager Network Managers
    obgnursemanager OBGYN Nurse Managers
    pa Physicians Assistant
    palliate Palliate
    patientchart Patient Chart
    pccplus Pcc+
    pccplususerswg PCC+ Working Group
    primarycare Primary Care
    provider_newsletter Provider Newsletter
    test Test List
    webmd_envoy WebMD Envoy
    diabetesmodprog Model Diabetes Program (MDP)
    diabetesreviewers Diabetes Reviewers
    childabuse Child Abuse Neglect Forum
    obgynphysicians OBG/YN Physicians
    ehr Electronic Health Record
    crs Clinical Reporting System
    diabetesdocwg Diabetes Documents Workgroup
    thirdpartycollectionswg Third Party Collections WorkGroup
    apn Advanced Practice Nurses
    bccc Business Chief Clinical Consultants
    webdevelopers Web Developers
    emmanage Emergency Management
    webcontentmgr IHS Web Content Managers
    optometry IHS optometry
    eyeehr Eye Care EHR Committee
    yrtcrtc YRTC/RTC Patient Chart Users
    pams Patient Account Management System
    reachout Reach Out and Read Special Interest Group
    ehrtech EHR Technical Staff
    iderpcoordinators IDERP Coordinators
    ihsrxcouncil IHS National Pharmacy Council
    ihsnursing IHS Nursing
    rgccoa Rio Grande Chapter - COA
    nsscnews National Supply Service Center Newsletter
    chroniccare Chronic Care Collaborative
    cp Centering Pregnancy
    cdi Chronic Disease Initiative
    bff Breastfeeding Forum
    drls Dental Recruitment List Serv
    ehrip EHR Inpatient
    ipc Innovations in Planned Care - IHS
    ccil Chronic Care Initiative Leadership
    ccc-corner CCC Corner Newsletter
    icare iCare
    vi VistA Imaging
    CCI Chronic Care Initiative
    BHIN Behavioral Health Initiative Newsletter
    BHIL Behavioral Health Initiative Leadership
    BHI Behavioral Health Initiative
    Business-Office Business Office
    NPI National Provider ID
    SexualAssault IHS Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence
    CMMS-CE Computerized Maintenance Management System-Clinical Engineering
    CHR Community Health Representatives
    GISU IHS Geographic Information Systems Users
    IHSPATIENTED IHS Patient Education
    Coding IHS Coding Listserv
    histrauma Historical Trauma
    BASP Bemidji Area Suicide Prevention
    UFMSiP UFMS iProcurement
    PHN Public Health Nursing
    Schoolhealth School Health
    UFMSDVR UFMS Discoverer
    DENTALCHIEFS IHS Dental Chiefs
    CRC Colorectal Cancer Screening
    obesityWG Obesity Workgroup
    UFMS_RPMS_BO UFMS RPMS Business Office
    TRAUMA-EM-EMS Trauma, Emergency Medicine, and Emergency Medical Services
    TeleBH Tele-Behavioral Health
    Psychiatry Psychiatric Practice
    physiciancom Physician Communcation Center
    ihsrxip IHS Pharmacy Inpatient
    POS Pharmacy Billing
    NCPS National Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Listserv
    IPC2 Innovations in Planned Care 2
    NDWUSERS National Data Warehouse Data Mart Users
    IST Inprovement Support Teams

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