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Although office policy precludes our responding to certain kinds of questions, we are able to provide a substantial amount of assistance and information via e-mail. We have temporarily disabled the auto-acknowledgement feature and are currently experiencing a longer than expected response time on e-mails. Please know that your e-mail is very important to us and we will make every effort to respond to your request in an expeditious manner. To assist in routing your request for prompt and accurate response, please select from one of the following broad categories:

To report an outage or for technical questions concerning online e-Business Systems found on the USPTO website:

NOTE: Most questions received via the E-mail are responded to via our E-mail Response Messaging System. You can preview the responses that are automatically generated for our most frequently asked questions at:

FAQs - Responses sent to our
most frequent E-mail inquiries

If you are unable to use the above links, you may e-mail your inquiry to and place one of the following phrases into the SUBJECT: line of your e-mail:  Patents or Trademarks or Products and Services or Electronic Business Support. Use of other subject line entries could add to the time required to respond to your request.

e-mail comments and suggestions concerning web server content and operation only to:

Webmaster (Note: if you send an e-mail for a patent or trademark question to the webmaster, it will be forwarded to the E-mail Response Messaging System)

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Call 800-786-9199 (IN USA OR CANADA) or 571-272-1000 for assistance from Customer Service Representatives and/or access to the automated information message system.

The options available when calling:

Select from the following options:

You can also look up other telephone numbers online and additional information on our website on our addresses & contacts page and through our Site Index.

TTY definition customers can dial 571-272-9950 for customer assistance.


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The USPTO has several postal mailboxes established for various types of mail. Use of these mailboxes expedite processing of mail by routing to the appropriate office. A complete listing of the specialized mailboxes and general mailboxes (US Postal Service and alternative delivery services) is available elsewhere on our website.


Patent Customers:
Communicate via FAX instead of mail: 


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You may order publications from the USPTO in a variety of ways:

Order available free publications by FAX or mail from the USPTO Contact Center:

Order Publications by FAX or mail

Order special publications online (including those for which fees may be charged) from the USPTO:

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Order printed or specially-formatted copies of Patents or Trademarks online (fees charged) from the USPTO (or look them up online through our Patent and Trademark databases' interfaces):

Patent & Trademark Copy Sales (OEMS - an online business system)

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Is there a question about what the USPTO can or cannot do that you cannot find an answer for? Send questions about USPTO programs and services to the USPTO Contact Center (UCC). You can suggest USPTO webpages or material you would like featured on this section by E-mail to the While we cannot promise to accommodate all requests, your suggestions will be considered and may lead to other improvements on the website.