Making Hubble More Powerful Than Ever

Atlantis and crew will upgrade the telescope for another five years of research. › Space Shuttle | › Hubble Blog
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NASA Selects 'MAVEN' for Mars Atmosphere Mission

The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN spacecraft will provide information about the Red Planet's atmosphere, climate history and potential habitability in greater detail than ever. › Read More and Comment

NASA and Hurricane Ike

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Hurricane Ike

Ike Comes Ashore

Hurricane Ike covered more than half of Cuba in this image, taken by the Expedition 17 crew aboard the International Space Station from a vantage point...

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NASA's 50th Anniversary

NASA's 50th anniversary Inspiration, Innovation, Discovery
We celebrate the past and look forward to a new era of exploration.

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Endeavour lifted in Vehicle Assembly Building

Heavy Lifting

Putting the Shuttle in Position

2003 map of world CO2 levels

NASA Study Illustrates How Global Peak Oil Could Impact Climate

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Ffalse-color electron microscope scan of prairie hollyhock pollen

NASA Satellite Data to the Aid of Allergy Sufferers

Martian dust devil

Phoenix Sees, Feels Martian Whirlwinds in Action

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