In Depth: The 1902 GliderIn Depth: The 1902 Glider
The Flyer Airframe Power and Propellers Controls Flight

The Wright Flyer is arguably the most significant airplane in history, yet no one has built or flown the machine exactly the way it was in 1903. It only flew on one day, and was wrecked and rebuilt several times over the next century. To return to the original Flyer means returning to December 1903.

The Wright Story
The First Flight
Image credit: Library of CongressWhat happened to the first airplane?
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The reproduction 1903 Flyer gives us an unparalleled look at the genius and ingenuity of the Wright brothers. Each of its systems is designed for full flight. Come "inside" the 1903 Flyer!
Airframe Airframe: The skeleton of the aircraft. What holds it together? Explore the machine up close.
Power and Propellers Power and Propellers: The propulsion system of the Flyer is one of the Wrights' most important achievements.
Control Control: How is the Flyer flown? See a demonstration of the simple mechanisms in this complex system.
Flight Flight: Will the Flyer fly? See the many steps involved in getting the machine back in the air.

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