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Ionospheric Data Archived at NGDC

The Ionospheric Physics Group of NGDC operates the Ionosphere portion of the World Data Center for Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Boulder, which seeks out and archives data, data products, and information related to the Ionosphere. Most of the current effort at NGDC is in the Ionospheric Vertical Incidence Sounding discipline. NGDC is currently leading the effort to collect, quality control, and distribute a unified dataset of vertical sounding scaled parameters on CD-ROM.

New — The NOAA Space Environment Center, NOAA National Geodetic Survey, and NOAA National Geophysical Data Center announce new experimental ionosphere products to help emergency managers and other users quickly assess the effects of solar storms on Global Positioning System applications (GPS). The US Total Electron Content (USTEC) product, developed by SEC in collaboration with NGS and the University of Colorado, is in experimental review through March 22, 2005. The near-real time product is available from SEC. The past products and source data are available from NGDC.

This Ionospheric Digital Database will be shared with other data centers, contributors, and customers who express an interest in these data. Information on these datasets can be accessed through the World Wide Web and Anonymous ftp.

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