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The Year of the Ocean 1998 campaign was a great success worldwide. Below you can download the poster and other materials, which are free and in the public domain. All we ask is that you credit "NOAA." (Please remember that this is an archived site. Some links may have moved or expired.)

Year of the Ocean Poster

Meet the Artist: Steve Shachter

Take a look and discover the different species that are pictured in the Year of the Ocean 1998 poster. The ocean is their home.

Poster Companion Guide Learn about the species depicted in the Year of the Ocean poster and find out what was done in 1998 to create awareness of our oceans.

Year of the Ocean Brochure - An attractive guide that tells you why the oceans are important to everyone. It comes with an insert that lists ten top things you can do to help protect our oceans.

Educator's Guide to Year of the Ocean

    Thanks for visiting and taking part in the Year of the Ocean.

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