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Module Introduction
Software Accessibility Guidelines
508 Conformance Evaluation Methodologies
Provision A
Provision B
Provision C
Provision D
Provision E
Provision F
Provision G
Provision H
Provision I
Provision J
Provision K
Provision L
Module Conclusion

Module Introduction

The goal of the training module is to introduce you to the twelve software provisions and discuss approaches to developing software that conforms to Section 508. Where possible, examples of language-specific coding for each provision will be provided. Testing and remediation methods will also be discussed. By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify guidelines for developing software that conforms to Section 508.
  • Recognize the twelve provisions for Software Applications and Operating Systems, with the help of coding examples that conform to Section 508 for the following languages:
       – Oracle Forms.
       – Visual C++.
       – Visual Basic.
       – Java.
       – Cobol/CICS.
  • Identify methods for assessment, testing and remediation.

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