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Buying a New Car. Here’s a step-by-step guide that is a helpful tool for bargaining with dealers. 2 pp. (1999. FTC) 301R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Buying a Used Car. Discusses your limited rights when buying from a dealer or private owner. 16 pp. (2002. FTC) 302R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Glove Box Tips. Six booklets to help you get your car ready for summer and winter driving, choose the right repair shop, and get the best work from your mechanic. 19 pp. (2002. FCIC) 303R. $1.00.

How to Get a Great Deal on a New Car. Step-by-step details for a proven negotiation technique to save money on your next car. 4 pp. (2007. USDA) 305R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

How to Maintain Your Tires. Get the best mileage and the most use out of your tires with these tips on inflating, rotating, and checking them properly. 5 pp. (2004. FCIC) 567R. Free.

Nine Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs. Helpful information on reducing your expenses. Includes a chart to compare discounts when shopping for insurance. 2 pp. (2003. USDA) 307R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Taking the Scare Out of Auto Repair. Keep your car running smoothly with these practical tips on spotting trouble, choosing a repair shop, and working with your mechanic. 15 pp. (1996. FTC) 306R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Understanding Vehicle Financing. Get the facts on dealership financing—what it is, how you apply, special financing offers, cash back and rebate eligibility, and more. 10 pp. (2007. FTC) 308R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

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