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SciPICH Publications IconWired for Health and Well-Being: The Emergence of Interactive Health Communication

Editors: Thomas R. Eng, David H. Gustafson

Suggested Citation: Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health. Wired for Health and Well-Being: the Emergence of Interactive Health Communication.  Washington, DC: US Department of Health and Human Services, US Government Printing Office, April 1999.

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Appendix B: Disclosure Statement (Label) for IHC Applications

The following is a template that developers could use to disclose information about their application when there is a need to relay core information quickly to potential users and purchasers. This statement may be especially useful for applications that are marketed directly to users. The statement can be derived from appropriate elements of the "Evaluation Reporting Template" in Appendix A.

Disclosure Statement (Label) for
IHC Applications

Name of Application _______________________________________
Type of Application (e.g., Web site, CD-ROM/DVD): ___________________


  • Identity and organizational affiliation of developer/sponsor:
  • Contact information for developer/sponsor:
  • Source(s) of funding for development:
  • Does the application include paid advertisements, content, or links?


  • Specific purpose of application:
  • Target audience for the application:


  • List the original source(s) of the content:


  • How users' confidentiality or anonymity will be protected and who will have access to collected personal data:


  • Was the effectiveness or impact of the application evaluated?
  • If yes, provide a summary of results (i.e., describe evaluation design/methods, study sample, key positive and negative results, identity and funding of evaluators, and whether published in peer-reviewed scientific journal):
  • How and/or where a report of the full evaluation results can be obtained:

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