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Module Introduction
Section 508 Basics
Section 508 and Software Development
Section 508 Software Provisions
Module Conclusion

Module Introduction

The goal of this module is to provide you with a brief introduction to Section 508, describe how it applies to the development of software, and provide general guidance on the role that you play while developing an application which conforms to the provisions of 508. In this module you can also review the software provisions themselves. By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify what Section 508 is, its relationship to the term accessibility, and how it affects the process of software development.
  • Identify the twelve provisions for Software Applications and Operating Systems (as described in ยง1194.21 of Section 508).

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This graphic is a collage of people with and without disabilities superimposed over a picture of the Capitol building and Section 508 legislation in the form of a document.