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SciPICH Publications IconWired for Health and Well-Being: The Emergence of Interactive Health Communication

Editors: Thomas R. Eng, David H. Gustafson

Suggested Citation: Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health. Wired for Health and Well-Being: the Emergence of Interactive Health Communication.  Washington, DC: US Department of Health and Human Services, US Government Printing Office, April 1999.

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This report and the project from which it was generated represent the collective interests and efforts of many people to whom the Panel extends its gratitude.

The project was originally conceived by Mary Jo Deering in the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) at a time when many people did not yet recognize the potential impact of information and communication technology on health. It was primarily her vision, enthusiasm, and leadership that made this project possible. The project’s successful launch was ensured by Kevin Patrick, while serving as Senior Technology Advisor in ODPHP, Steve Downs, while serving as ODPHP Technology Advisor, and Catherine Crawford, while in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation. Michael McGinnis, Earl Fox, Susanne Stoiber, and Linda Meyers, ODPHP directors at the time of this project, provided critical support for this effort.

The following people contributed to the development of this report: Paul Kim (research); Mary Jo Deering and Andrew Maxfield (drafts of materials); Dawn-Michele Gould, Linda Friedman (copyediting); David Peabody, Janice Radak, (layout, graphics, design, and production); and Rosie Dempsey (report dissemination). The numerous Panel meetings and conference calls would not have been possible without the logistical support provided by Cecile Douglas and Sandy Saunders. The assistance of Kristine McCoy to the Panel’s early efforts is greatly appreciated.

The Panel is particularly grateful to Anne Restino for spearheading the design and development of the Panel’s Web site ( Paul Kim, Andrew Maxfield, Stacey Berry, Arlene Weitzman, and John Studach also contributed to development of the Web site.

A special thanks to Al Lazar, Doug Lloyd, and Connie Dresser for their strong support of the Panel and to Kent Murphy for his contributions to the Panel’s work and for hosting one of the Panel’s meetings.

The Panel is indebted to all the liaisons and other colleagues who provided many valuable suggestions for improving this report and the Panel’s other publications. Without their expertise and support, this report would not have been possible. Those who were particularly helpful include: Peter Abbott, Anda Bruinsma, Loren Buhle, Betty Burrier, David Cochran, Barbara Crawley, Connie Dresser, Nelson Hazeltine, Alejandro Jadad, Donald Kemper, Craig Locatis, Wilma López, Edward Madara, Daniel Masys, Andrew Maxfield, Kent Murphy, Samantha Scolamiero, Christobel Selecky, and Steve Van Nurden.

This project was funded primarily by one-percent evaluation funds from ODPHP, US Department of Health and Human Services. The Health Resources and Services Administration and the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research also generously provided support. The Panel is grateful to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for providing funds to support the printing and dissemination of the Panel’s articles and report.

Federal Liaisons and Reviewers

Kevin Burke, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Legislation; Betty S. Burrier, Barbara Crawley, Thomas Reilly, PhD, Health Care Financing Administration; Blake Crawford, Office of Minority Health; Col. Leo Cropper, Lt. Col. Kent Murphy, Maj. Jayne Stetto, US Air Force Surgeon General’s Office; Connie Dresser, RDPH, LN, National Cancer Institute; William R. Harlan, MD, National Institutes of Health; Thomas W. Hertz, PhD, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation; Allan J. Lazar, Terry Shannon (formerly at), Agency for Health Care Policy and Research; Doug S. Lloyd, MD, Health Resources and Services Administration; Craig Locatis, PhD, National Library of Medicine; Wilma López, Georgia Moore, Tim Tinker, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry; Max R. Lum, EdD, Andrew Maxfield, PhD, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; Tom McGinnis, Food and Drug Administration; Susan Moskosky, Office of Population Affairs; Carl Montoya, Administration for Children Youth and Families; Johnny Nelson, Office of Civil Rights; Gregory Pappas MD, PhD, Office of International and Refugee Health; William M. Rados, Food and Drug Administration; Nancy Rubenson, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Amanda Tarkington, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Mark Weber, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; and Shari Wyatt, National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

External Liaisons and Reviewers

Peter Abbott, MD, California Department of Health Services; Anda Bruinsma, Nortel; Loren Buhle, Jr., PhD, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP; Paul Clayton, PhD, American Medical Informatics Association; David Cochran, MD, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care; Stacy Deane, MPH, Bobbi Kimball, RN, MBA (formerly at), Blue Shield of Northern California; Debra Deatrick, (formerly at) Health Commons Institute; Gwen Edwards (formerly at), Pacific Bell Health Care Market Group; Tom Ferguson, MD, The Ferguson Report; Peter Goldschmidt, MD, DrPH, DMS, Health Improvement Institute; Robert Harmon, MD, UnitedHealth Group; Michael Hattwick, MD, Woodburn Internal Medicine Associates; Nelson Hazeltine, MSOR, MBA, PE, Health Magic; John W. Hoben, Hoben Associates; Alejandro R. Jadad, MD, DPhil, McMaster Evidence-Based Practice Center, Canadian Cochrane Network and Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McMaster University; Donald Kemper, MD, Healthwise, Inc.; David Lansky, PhD, Foundation for Accountability; Andrew B. Lefton, (formerly at) Tascon, Inc.; Edward J. Madara, American Self-Help Clearinghouse; Daniel R. Masys, MD, University of California, San Diego School of Medicine; Jonathan Peck, Institute for Alternative Futures; Scott Ratzan, MD, MA, MPA, Academy for Educational Development; John H. Renner, MD, Consumer Health Information Research Institute; Paul Resnick, PhD, University of Michigan School of Information and Library Studies; Helga Rippen, MD, PhD, Mitretek Systems; Roberto Rodrigues, MD, Pan American Health Organization; David Robertson, Health World Online; Samantha Scolamiero, The Healing Exchange BRAIN TRUST/BRAINTMR; Christobel Selecky, LifeMasters Supported SelfCare, Inc.; William Silberg, Journal of the American Medical Association; Anna-Lisa Silvestre, Kaiser Permanente; Jane E. Sisk, PhD, Columbia University School of Public Health; Warner Slack, MD, Harvard Medical School; Scott Stewart, Stewart Publishing, Inc.; and Steve Van Nurden, Mayo Clinic.


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