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El Niño Theme Page awards has selected the El Nino theme Page as
a WINNER of the 2005 Science & Technology Web Awards. October 6, 2005.

Included in Kids.Net.Au (A search engine just for kids), on January 30, 2003.

Web Guide featureFeatured in Science section of Web Guide Magazine; on July 1, 2000.

Web Feet seal of approvalAwarded the "Web Feet" seal of approval, and included in "Web Feet: The Internet Traveler's Desk Reference" on November 16, 1999.

Snap. Editors Choice Awarded the Snap. Editors Choice designation in the Science & Technology: Earth Sciences: Meteorology: El Niño category on October 18, 1998.

This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on July 30, 1998.

[Hotspot and Site of the Day]Selected as a Hot Spot and Site of the Day by New Scientist Planet Science in the Earth Sciences category - 26 Jun 98.

Starting Point What is La Niña? selected as a Starting Point Weather Hot Site - February 16, 1998.

Featured in Starting Point New Sites February 10, 1998. Selected as an Editors Choice Site on January 20, 1997.

Selected as a Featured Site by IEEE Diversions page on January 2, 1998.

WorldVillage Family Site of the Day WorldVillage Family Site of the Day on Jan 1, 1998.

Featured in the November issue of the "Top 10 Educational Sites on the World-Wide Web" by Learning in Motion's educational site on November 11, 1997.

[NOAA WebShop96] Grand Champion Winner of the Best WWW Page in NOAA [NOAA WebShop96]

* Best WWW Page in NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research [NOAA WebShop96]

* Winner of Federal Showcase Award at the Federal Webmaster's Workshop 1996

Selected as a Featured Link for the week of 9/17/97 by Pacific Bell Internet Services.

[YAHOO] Pick of the Week (September 1, 1997)

Exploratorium Cool sites Chosen as one of the top Ten Cool sites of the month for September 1997 by The Exploratorium.

Selected as Department of Commerce Site of the Week. (8/25/97)

Featured by ENC On-line, a K-12 mathematics and science site. (8/25/97)

Featured by Classroom Connect, a site for K-12 teachers the world over.(8/25/97)

This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on 6/24/97.

[AWARD] Site of the Week at The Mining Company's Geography site

[ENN] Chosen as a Four Globe Award site of the week by Environmental News Network

* Featured on the NOAA Environmental Research Laboratories Earth Day '97 Web Page

[LUCKMAN] Chosen as a Four Star Award Winner by Luckman's World Wide Web Yellow Pages


[INFOVAL] Chosen as a Site of the Week by Infoval, maintained by students of Vienna's Universities and the Austria Information Switchboard.

[Editor's Choice Logo] Chosen as a Editor's Choice by, the "SuperSite for Kids".

Received the Netguide Gold Award

Magellan Selected as a Magellan 3-Star site.

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