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Forensic Document Laboratory

ICE Forensic Document Laboratory Fact Sheet (PDF)

The Forensic Document Laboratory dedicates its services exclusively to detecting and deterring travel and identity fraud. FDL’s staff assists ICE, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies by providing support such as forensic examination of handwriting and documents, training and technical assistance in detection of fraudulent documents, document intelligence alerts and other operational support.

Law enforcement personnel may access Form M-396, "A Guide to Selected U.S. Travel and Identity Documents", to help them identify various travel, employment and identity documents in their proper forms. This booklet has been recently updated to include documents introduced by the Department of Homeland Security. Copies can be obtained through the National Distribution Center, by completing the following forms and faxing them to (317) 290-3046.

CF-3039 for federal government personnel

CF-262 for all other personnel

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