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Teachers Guide to Stratovolcanoes of the World

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The purpose of this Guide is to provide additional material to educators interested in using the Stratovolcanoes of the World poster published by the National Geophysical Data Center in August 2000. For each volcano featured on the poster, NGDC provides a map showing the location of the volcano, a table of facts, a short fictional story to bring the volcano to life, and a section with questions to ponder, suggested activities, and additional references. Key words in bold throughout the text, are linked to definitions in the Glossary. Finally, we provide a more extensive list of references and resources as well as some simple activities suitable for grades 5-8.

To navigate this website, simply click on the navigation bar at the left. For each volcano, there is an additional navigation bar at the top of the page to access the facts, story, feature, and questions for that volcano.

Download a PDF version of the Teachers Guide to Stratovolcanoes (~ 1.9MB).

Stratovolcano Poster

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