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Operations and Maintenance Training Programs

As the nation’s largest public power producer, TVA has opportunities for growth and advancement in its operations and maintenance areas. TVA has 11 fossil plants, three nuclear plants, 29 hydroelectric dams, six combustion turbine plants, one pumped-storage facility, and 17,000 circuit miles of transmission lines. (Learn more about TVA’s power system)

To operate this vast system, TVA needs operators, mechanical and electrical technicians, instrument mechanics, and linemen, to name a few. In fact, these positions are so critical to the reliable and safe operation of our facilities that TVA has entry-level training classes to train employees in the duties of these positions. TVA careers offer competitive compensation as well as other benefits (see Why TVA?).

If you enjoy maintaining electrical or mechanical systems, you may be interested in one of these career opportunities. TVA periodically offers the following entry-level training programs:

Fossil, hydro, and nuclear training:

Student Generating Plant Operator

Instrument Mechanic

Electrical Technician

Mechanical Technician

Hydro Technician

Transmission/power supply training:


Lineman Apprentice

Electrician Apprentice

Candidates who meet the qualifications for these positions and who follow the process of applying may be asked to take a selection test, an aptitude test that predicts performance in training and on the job. Candidates must pass this test to be considered for an interview. Read information about the testing process.

For a list of current openings for TVA’s training classes, see Search for Jobs.

TVA is an Equal Opportunity employer and complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding equal employment opportunities.


Non-U.S. residents should read TVA's Citizenship Policy.


Individuals interested in claiming veteran’s preference should read the Information for Claiming Veteran's Preference.


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