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Information Technology Resources
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Item 2  NEW September 10 Medicine Dish [PDF – 131KB]
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Item 2  NEW Robert G. McSwain Confirmed as Director of the Indian Health Service
Item 2  Innovations in Planned Care for the Indian Health System Collaborative 2
Item 2  World Autism Awareness Day
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Item 1 Emergency Preparedness
Item 3 Job Vacancies Database
Item 4 UpToDate Online
Item 5 Electronic Health Record (EHR)
Item 6 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

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Item 1 IHS/HHS WebMail
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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Indian Health Service (HQ)
The Reyes Building
801 Thompson Avenue, Ste. 400
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Item 1 Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)
The CPIC web site provides resource information for IT Project Management and the current IHS CPIC processes. This information is indented to help IT Project Managers gain a better understanding of the processes and procedures involved in the management of IT projects.

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Item 2 CIO Document Library
Links to information technology documents and websites.

Item 3 CIO Links
Links to information technology security websites.

Item 4 Clinical Applications
The Clinical Applications web site provides links to information on selected RPMS clinical applications such as Asthma Register Management, Integrated Behavioral Health, and the Clinical Reporting System (CRS).

Item 5 Clinical Reporting System
The RPMS Clinical Reporting System (CRS) is a software application that facilitates local, Area and national monitoring of specific clinical performance measures.

Item 6 iCare Population Management GUI
The RPMS iCare GUI is a software tool that allows providers to create and manage their own personalized panels (populations) of patients with user-defined common characteristics.

Item 7 IHS Electronic Health Record
This site describes the new IHS Electronic Health Record (EHR) application and provides information for facilities considering the transition to IHS-EHR.

Item 8 IHS Email (Secure Access)
Internet access to your mailbox through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol which provides 128 bit encryption, assuring secure communication between you and your mailbox.

Item 9 IHS Links and Documents
The IHS Hyperlink Resource Database is an extensive library of hyperlinks and documents that provide information relevant to the Indian Health Service.

Item 10 The IHS National Data Warehouse
Addresses issues relating to IHS data quality and the determination of active user counts.

Item 11 IHS Web Team
The IHS Web Team's web site includes links to examples of web applications and design, contact information and where to begin to request a new site.

Item 12 Indian Health Information Management Conference (IHIMC)
IHIMC is a forum for technical leadership, direction and support in the promotion of quality healthcare through collaboration and active participation in the development of policy and national standards of care regarding the health of American Indian/Alaska Native people in Federal (IHS), Tribal and Urban settings (I/T/U).
  - 2006 Presentations

Item 13 Information Security Awareness
The Computer Security Act requires that all U.S. Government personnel who use computers, as part of their work activities, complete training on computer security awareness. All new for 2005-2006!

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  • Information Security Awareness
  • RPMS / Network / NPIRS Help Desk
  • IHS/HHS Email (Secure Access)
  • IHS Electronic Health Record
  • I H S Web Developer Community
  • About The I H S Web Team
  • I H S Links and Documents
  • Resource Patient Management System (R P M S)  (Use this link to also access the Graphical User Interface (GUI), Laboratory Services, PCC+, and Referred Care sites.)

    Item 14 Information Systems Advisory Committee (ISAC)
    Advisory group that guides the development of the Indian health information infrastructure and information systems.

    Item 15 Information Systems Coordinators (ISCs)
    Provides the IHS ISCs with a forum to share and access information that is of mutual interest to information technology (IT) staff throughout the Agency.

    Item 16 List Server
    A server that distributes e-mail messages to multiple lists of recipients on subjects of interest to each list.

    Item 17 Public Use Forms
    The following is a list of IHS Public Use Forms. These forms have been approved by OMB. You may click on each form to review them and to determine if the form meets your need before ordering it from the National Supply Service Center.

    Item 18 Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS)
    An integrated software system for management of clinical and administrative data in IHS and tribally operated healthcare facilities.
      - Training
      - Feedback

    Item 19 Self Determination
    Information on the Division of Information Resources-ITSC Self-Determination resources and services.

    Item 20. End of Page Links. Standard Code Book
    The Indian Health Service Standard Codebook is a uniform listing of descriptive terms and identifying codes for recording and reporting medical information collected during the provision of health care services. A standard set of codes provides the means for reliable communication between Indian Health Service providers, patients, and third parties (e.g., contract health service providers).

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