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The National Institute of Standards and Technology strengthens U.S. global economic competitiveness by developing technologies, measurement methods, and standards. NIST works with industry to overcome technological hurdles that limit quality and innovation.

Follow the links below to learn about NIST's work in specific industry sectors:

 Aerospace  Electronics/semiconductors
 Automotive  Energy use and conservation
 Chemical processing  Health care
 Communications  Homeland Security
 Computers  Manufacturing

Industry can work with NIST in several ways. Companies can join research consortia, cooperative research and development agreements, or sponsor guest researchers in NIST labs. Less formal collaborations between NIST researchers and their peers in industry, academia, and other government agencies are also common. For information on NIST projects, see Guide to NIST.

Small manufacturers wishing to modernize, improve productivity, and increase efficiency can seek assistance through NIST's nationwide Manufacturing Extension Partnership program. NIST MEP centers are located in every state to offer local manufacturers assistance with a variety of technical and business problems.

NIST manages the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award which recognizes performance excellence in business, health care, and education. The Baldrige National Quality Program has given guidance to thousands of organizations seeking to improve their performance.

The NIST Advanced Technology Program provided co-funding to support high-risk, high-payoff research projects. The ATP aimed to accelerate the development of innovative technologies for broad national benefit through partnerships with the private sector. ATP is no longer funded to accept new proposals.


Date created: 9/6/00
Last updated: 2/23/06