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We encourage researchers in industry, academic institutions and government to work with us. A variety of partnership programs, both in our labs and our outreach programs, offer NIST funding and assistance designed to strengthen our economy. Check the links below for specifics on how you can work with NIST.

 Working with NIST - brochure new
 Employment Information - how to apply for a job at NIST.
 Funding Opportunities - descriptions of grants available from NIST.

Guest Researchers - how our industrial and academic colleagues can work here.

NIST patents/licensing and collaborations - process for commercializing NIST inventions.

 Research/manufacturing partnerships - how to work with NIST on specific projects.
 Research Facilities - information on NIST facilities available to qualified outside researchers.
 Vendor Information - information on how to sell goods and services to NIST.


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Date created: 9/6/00
Last updated: 07/26/07