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 NIST Laboratories provide measurements and standards for U.S. industry. A brief description of each NIST laboratory is available here.
 Baldrige National Quality Program: promotes and recognizes organizational performance excellence.
 Manufacturing Extension Partnership: provides technical and business assistance to smaller manufacturers.
 Technology Innovation Program: is planned to provide cost-shared awards to industry, universities and consortia for research on potentially revolutionary technologies that address critical national and societal needs.
 Between 1990 and 2007, NIST also managed the Advanced Technology Program.
 NIST Programs Database -- search a database of NIST technical and non-technical activities.
Other NIST Offices

Director's Office

   Chief Information Officer
   Congressional and Legislative Affairs
   Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology
   Office of International and Academic Affairs
   Civil Rights Office
   Program Office

-Strategic Planning and Economic Analysis at NIST

 Director for Administration/Chief Financial Officer
 NIST Bouder, Colo., home page


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