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Understanding a Primary Page
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Accessibility Features

Navigation Features and Keyboard Shortcuts

The accessibility features of this material include full Section 508 conformance, and special keyboard shortcuts.

The keyboard navigation shortcuts available are listed below by page type. To use a keyboard shortcut, press the Alt key and the letter key identified to perform a specific action and press the Enter key.


This is a graphic of a keyboard.

Primary page
Keys     Option

Alt + 1   Previous
Alt + 2   Home
Alt + 3   Next
Alt + 4   Help
Alt + 5   Resources
Alt + 6   First Topic in Topic
             Menu (Tab to others)
Alt + 7   Content

Additional Information Page
Keys     Option

Alt + 1   Return
Alt + 4   Help
Alt + 5   Resources

Check Your Knowledge
Keys     Option

(Same as Primary Page)
Alt + A   Choice A
Alt + B   Choice B
Alt + C   Choice C (if applicable)
Alt + D   Choice D (if applicable)
Alt + E   Choice E (if applicable)

When using Internet Explorer, basic keyboard navigation can be performed using the Tab, Shift, and Enter keys. Selections are made by pressing:

  • The Tab key to move forward or down.
  • The Shift and Tab keys together to move backward or up.
  • Once a selection is made, action is initiated by pressing the Enter key.

Using JAWS

If you are a JAWS user and are experiencing problems with these pages, first make sure you are using the most current JAWS version. If the problems persist, call the IRAP office at 202-283-0283, or send an email to *irap or irap@irs.gov (external use only) and state the nature of your call or email.

Select the Next button with your mouse, or use the Tab and Shift keys, to advance to the next page as described above.