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The degraded video quality apparent here might make this video 
difficult to use.
An officer leans into a car he has stopped. The degraded video quality apparent here might make this video difficult to use.
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Video Importance

Video is becoming an increasingly important tool for public safety. Responders can wear cameras to provide incident commanders with situation information in a burning building while looking for victims or during a SWAT raid. Aerial videography can aid decisions for deploying personnel by providing a bird’s eye view of a wildfire or the pursuit of a suspect on foot or in a car. Video remote controlled robots can dismantle bombs. Video is also key for monitoring suspicious activity, capturing license plate numbers, and documenting investigations. Responders can use infrared video in darkness or smoke where heat signatures can determine whether a door is hot or people are present behind walls. In the field, infrared video can highlight wildfire hotspots or show suspects or lost people in the dark, smoke, fog, or snow.
Firefighter views video from an underwater robot's camera.
A firefighter views video from an underwater robot’s camera to maneuver the robot between targets.
The view from an exploratory robot’s camera inside a collapsed structure.

Test Location:
Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) in Boulder, Colorado

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