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Current NIST news items
 NIST Seeks Suggestions for Future R&D Funding Areas
 NIST Extends Deadline for TIP Proposals
 NIST and Partners Identify Tiny Gold Clusters as Top-Notch Catalysts
 Bottoms Up: Better Organic Semiconductors for Printable Electronics
 NIST Studies How New Helium Ion Microscope Measures Up
 NIST Releases WTC 7 Investigation Report for Public Comment
 New NIST Publication Series Addresses Design of Earthquake-Resistant Structures
 NIST Physicist Wineland Awarded 2007 National Medal of Science
 NIST To Host 4th Security Automation Conference and Workshop
 Biometric Consortium Conference 2008 Will Be Held Sept. 23-25
 Coming Soon! Baldrige Recipients Share Successes
 NIST Physicist David J. Wineland Awarded 2007 National Medal of Science
 WTC 7 Technical Briefing on Aug. 26, 2008
 NIST WTC 7 Investigation Finds Building Fires Caused Collapse
 Light Touch: Controlling the Behavior of Quantum Dots
 Candy-Coating Keeps Proteins Sweet
 NIST Requests Comments on Next Generation C/A Process for Information Systems
 Stop the Waste: Making Measurements Measure Up to Standards
 Oxygen Data is a Best Seller for Atmospheric Research
 NIST to Release Report and Recommendations from Investigation of World Trade Center Building 7
 Information Update: August 14, 2008--Ultra-sensitive Tests Confirm No Significant Health Risks Expected from Plutonium Exposures
 New Technique Reveals Hidden Properties of Ultracold Atomic Gases
 Improved Reaction Data Heat Up the Biofuels Harvest
 Skipping Atomic-scale Stones to Study Some Chemistry Basics
 NIST Debuts New Approach to Ad Hoc Networks for First Responders
 Vegas ‘Quantum Spookshow’ Demos On-the-Fly Encryption of Streaming Video
 NIST, UMBI Host October Conference to Spur Bioscience Innovation
 NIST Advisory Group Welcomes Berkeley Professor
 Updated Information Security Performance Measurement Guide Published
 Three Experts Named to Earthquake Advisory Board
 New JILA Technique Reveals Hidden Properties of Ultracold Atomic Gases
 NIST Commits to Action for Strengthening Safety--NIST Responds to Investigative Report, City of Boulder Regarding Safety Improvements
 NIST Extends Proposal Deadline for Construction Grant Program
 Cool! Nanoparticle Research Points to Energy Savings
 NIST Membrane Model May Unlock Secrets of Early-Stage Alzheimer’s
 Slippery Customer: A Greener Antiwear Additive for Engine Oils
 NIST Trumps the Clumps: Making Biologic Drugs Safer
 How Secure Is Your Network? NIST Model Knows
 DVD Showcases 2007 Baldrige Award Recipients
 NIST Seeks New Members for Eight Advisory Committees
 Reports from Five Radiation Safety and Health Experts on the June 9 Plutonium Incident
 No Significant Health Risks Expected from Plutonium Exposures
 New Program to Fund Monitoring, Inspection Technologies for Public Infrastructure
 NIST Response to NRC Confirmatory Action Letter
 Information Update: June 27, 2008--Medical Tests Indicate Internal Contamination Due to June 9 Plutonium Incident
 June 24, 2008 Update--Plutonium Discharge into Sink Below Federal and State Limits
 June 17, 2008 Update--NIST Finds Radiation Contamination in Lab Sink
 Low-Level Plutonium Sample Involved in NIST-Boulder Lab Incident
 NIST’s Novel ‘Noise Thermometry’ May Help Redefine International Unit of Temperature
 Research Measures Movement of Nanomaterials in Simple Model Food Chain
 Record-setting Laser May Aid Searches for Earthlike Planets
 New Midwestern Research Center Announced For Nanoelectronics Research Initiative
 A Sub-femtosecond Stop Watch for ‘Photon Finish’ Races
 Copolymers Block Out New Approaches to Microelectronics at NIST
 Nanomaterials Show Unexpected Strength Under Stress
 Joint Research: Probing the Mysteries of a Surprisingly Tough Hydrogel
 New NIST Detector Can ‘See’ Single Neutrons Over Broad Range
 All Done With Mirrors: NIST Microscope Tracks Nanoparticles in 3-D
 Stunt Doubles: Ultracold Atoms Could Replicate the Electron ‘Jitterbug’
 NIST Seeks Public Comment on New Technology Innovation Program Regulations
 NIST Nobel Laureate Explains “Science of Cold” to 800 Middle School Students
 Voting Standards Guidance Sent to Election Commission
 NIST Votes for U.S. ‘Approval with Comments’ on Office Open XML Standard to Meet International Voting Deadline
 America COMPETES Act Brings Immediate Changes to NIST
 NIST, UMBI To Expand Cooperation in Bioresearch
 Speed Bumps Less Important Than Potholes for Graphene
 JILA Measurements Recast Usual View of Elusive Force
 NIST Wants Comments on Draft ‘Hash’ Requirements
 Two Vote Testing Labs Proposed for Accreditation
 NIST and the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002
 Questions and Answers About NIST Evaluation of Laboratories that Test Voting Systems

Draft Report on Voting System Vulnerability

 FAQ Page Addresses WTC Alternate Theories
 Details on NIST WTC Investigation
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photo of gold atoms

In-depth look: An image of gold atoms on tin from a state-of-the-art scanning electron microscope (left) has relatively poor depth of field–only parts of the image are in sharp focus. By contrast, the entire image from a helium ion microscope image (right) is sharp and clear. NIST researchers are studying helium ion microscopes to improve measurements at the nanoscale that are important to the semiconductor and nanomanufacturing industries. Read more.

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