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[Descriptive Link ]Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Kevin Carr)

NIST organizational chart go to Boulder web site go to Chief Information Officer go to Baldrige Program go to Technology Services go to the Technology Innovation Program go to HMEP web site go to MEL web site go to CSTL web site go to MSEL web site go to CNST web site go to Physics Lab web site go to ITL web site go to BFRL web site go to EEEL web site go to Chief of Staff page go to James Turner bio go to Director's office web page go to NCNR web site go to Richard Kayser's bio Director, Bolder Laboratories (Zelda Chapman Bailey) Director Arden L Bement, Jr., Deputy Director, Hratch Semerjian (Act) Chief Information Officer, Cita Furlani (Act) Baldrige National Quality Program (Harry Hertz) Advanced Technology Program (Marc Stanley) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Kevin Carr) Technology Services (Richard Kayser) Director for Admin./Chief Financial Office, Doug Day (Acting) Manufacturing Engineering Lab (Dale Hall) Chemical Science and Technology Lab (William Koch, Acting) Materials Science & Engineering Lab (Leslie Smith) Electronics & Electrial Engineerng Lab (W. Anderson) Information Technology Lab (Susan F. Zevin , Acting) Physics Lab (Katharine Gebbie)Building & Fire Research Lab (Jack Snell)


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