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Extensible Markup Language (XML) embodies the potential to alleviate many of the interoperability problems associated with the sharing of documents and data. Realizing the potential requires cooperation not only within but also across organizations. Our purpose is to facilitate the efficient and effective use of XML through cooperative efforts among government agencies, including partnerships with commercial and industrial organizations. Contributions are welcome and encouraged!

What's New Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Standard

XML 2008 Conference Overview
CFP - Abstracts Due September 19

CollabEx Workshop September 16
W3C eGov IG Telecon CANCELED for September 17
DC Area XML User Group Meeting September 17
AIIM StratML Committee Telecon September 18
AIIM iECM Committee Telecon September 18
ASAP FOIA & Privacy Act Training September 18 & 19
DITA Output Customization Webinar September 23
FIRM Forum at GAO September 24
SOA and Collaboration Conference September 29 & 30
Security Challenges Forum September 30 - October 3

W3C eGov IG Telecon October 1
FIRM Board Meeting October 15
XBRL International Conference October 15 & 16
Global Justice Advisory Committee (GAC) Meeting October 23
W3C TPAC Agenda October 19 - 24
W3C eGov IG F2F Meeting @TPAC October 23 & 24

XML 2008 Conference @Crystal Gateway Hotel December 8 - 10

Joint W3C eGov IG/OASIS Forum on Standards late March 2009

XML News Coverage
GCN | FCW | CIO Magazine | Washington Technology

XML User Groups - DC | NC | PA
Recent W3C TRs & Pubs
OASIS Standards
Search for XML-related Standards
See also Agendas & Documents Completed & In-Progress

What's Important XML Registries | Strategic Plan Registry Business Case

Strategy Markup Language (StratML)

XML Developers Guide
Draft | Proposed Update
EPA's XML & Schema Design Rules
DON NDR Version 2

Namespace Policy Recommendation

Citizen-Centered eGov Action Plan
Memo | News Release | Strategy

Presidential eGov Initiatives
Lines of Business (LOBs) & eGov Projects
G2C | G2B | G2G | IE&E | eAuth
Accountability Thrice Polled as Greatest eGov Benefit
NARA's eRecords Archive (ERA)
Records Management Service Components Report
Intelligence Community Metadata Working Group
Case Management LOB
Infrastructure LOB

eGov Act
Signed | XML-Related Provisions | OMB Guidance
ICGI Draft Web Content Policies
OMB Guidance on Sections 207(d) & 212

Federal Enterprise Architecture
Consolidated Reference Model - XML Instance & XSD
Federal Transition Framework (FTF) - Catalog in XML
Data & Information Reference Model (DRM) V. 1
Version 2.0 | Cover Page | XSD v. 0.4 (Local Copy)
DRM Open Forum | Data Architecture Subcommittee (DAS) Wiki
Common Reference Model
IAC FEA White Papers
FEA Component Center
Justice XML Data Model
National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)


OMB Information Quality Guidelines

GAO Reports
XML "... coordinating government-unique requirements ..."
eRecords "... straitjacket of proprietary file formats ..."
eGov "... document effective collaboration strategies ..."
More XML-related Reports
EC Standards Roadmap
ANSI XML Forum | ANSI/OASIS Standards Registry Committee
OASIS RFP for Standards Registry


WWW CollabEx

For more information please contact: Owen Ambur, Co-Chair Emeritus, Community of Practice (xmlCoP)

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