Other National Science Portals

Following is a collection of links to other national portals of scientific information. Descriptions are taken from informational materials provided on the respective websites. Access to the information provided is controlled by each portal.

Note: When utilizing the links on this page, you will be directed to non-federal databases or Websites. We are not
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WorldWideScience.org is a global science gateway—accelerating scientific discovery and progress through a multilateral partnership to enable federated searching of national and international scientific databases. Subsequent versions of WorldWideScience.org will offer access to additional sources as well as enhanced features. WorldWideScience.org was developed and is maintained by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), an element of the Office of Science within the U.S. Department of Energy.


Science.gov (Australia)

From the Australian Department of Education, Science, and Training, the portal delivers science information and services to industry, investors, and the research community. Users can view research and science information by discipline, by purpose, by agency, or by sector.


Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI)

CISTI, part of the National Research Council of Canada, provides technology, engineering, and medical information to thousands of public and private libraries and researchers from through this portal. CISTI's collection and its document delivery service are available to users through the online Catalogue and CISTI Source.

Science (Canada)

Science.gc.ca is a horizontal Government of Canada initiative, supported by a partnership of federal science-based departments and agencies, and hosted at Natural Resources Canada. The site offers an extensive catalogue free, authoritative science resources from Canadian sources. Its search engine and subject index make it easy for the general public, students, and science educators to find information on a variety of science topics, along with science news, fast facts, games, and information about science careers and Canadian science achievements.


Denmark's Electronic Research Library, DEFF

A partnership program, DEFF connects research and special libraries to provide a network of electronic and other information sources to public and private citizens. DEFF is funded jointly by the Danish Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation; Culture; and Education (oversight by the Danish National Library Authority) and provides e-learning, e-publishing, licenses, portals, system architecture, and user facilities.



Published by the Center for Resources and Information on Multimedia for Higher Instruction (CERIMES), users get access to online scientific and technical information, with emphasis on French information. Users can search the site’s database, external education and research sites (universities, museums, scientific organizations, research centers, and science academies and associations), or access the directory of scientific resources by topic, resource type, and targeted audience.



Vascoda is an interdisciplinary InterNet portal for scientific information for the anyone interested in science from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Research Council (DFG). Vascoda has content from partner scientific and central technical libraries, as well as special assembly area libraries with specialized subsections for engineering and natural sciences, medicine and life sciences, economics and social sciences, and religious and cultural sciences.


Japan Science and Technology Agency, (JST)

JST has a mission objective to upgrade the infrastructure for disseminating Japan’s scientific and technical information. The website brings JST’s work to the general public and provides links to five programmatic areas and to a number of Japanese STI databases (both free and subscription based), including J-EAST, J-STORE, and J-STAGE as well as to Science Links Japan.

South Korea


yesKISTI is an S&T information portal for researchers from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information. The site provides access to more than 20,000 journals and 50 million databases including proceedings, research reports, patents, etc., through the integrated search site for S&T information.

United Kingdom

Resource Discovery Network, (RDN)

RDN, the United Kingdom’s free education and research information portal, is provided through a collaboration of education and research organizations. The site lets users search or browse selected education and research resources through eight subject-based hubs. The portal also has interactive Web tutorials, alerting services, case studies, and services that allow users to include RDN resources on their own websites.