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For Health Professionals

In addition to supporting research on the health effects of environmental agents, NIEHS has played a leadership role in applying that knowledge to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of health conditions related to environmental exposures. This includes the development of educational materials to assist health care professionals in identifying potentially hazardous substances and evaluating environmentally exposed patients. The materials also include guidelines on environmental interventions that can reduce or eliminate the exposures that trigger these illnesses.

female doctor and young patientThe following resources are provided to assist health care professionals who specialize in the prevention and treatment of environmental illnesses:

  • Environmental Management of Pediatric Asthma: Guidelines for Health Care Providers (  Download Adobe Reader (6,314KB)
    These guidelines are designed to educate health care professionals about specific interventions that can reduce exposures in children who are already diagnosed with asthma.
  • Guidelines for the Protection and Training of Workers Engaged in Maintenance and Remediation Work Associated with Mold (  Download Adobe ReaderExit NIEHS (491KB)
    This resource offers specific guidelines for the protection and training of mold hazard assessors, remediation workers, and those exposed to mold in the course of maintaining building systems.
  • Pesticide Safety Handbook (  Download Adobe Reader (5.3MB)
    This booklet offers general information on the symptoms and health consequences of occupational pesticide exposures, along with specific strategies for minimizing exposures at home and in the workplace.
  • Teaching Manual: Pesticide Safety (  Download Adobe Reader (3.7MB)
    This manual contains useful information on common routes of pesticide exposure, health effects of pesticides in children and adults, and strategies for reducing a child’s exposure to pesticides in the home.

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