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ICE seizes 3 tons of marijuana valued at $12 million

ICE seizes 3 tons of marijuana valued at $12 million Two-year-old Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) K-9, Kiara, made her first big seizure.

ICE returns more than 1,000 artifacts to Iraq

ICE returns more than 1,000 artifacts to Iraq Iraq Embassy receives a cache of significant cultural items illegally imported to U.S.

ICE announces enhanced standards for detainees

Facility New performance based standards improve the safety, care, and well being of every of immigration detainee held in ICE detention facilities.

ICE arrests 23 illegal workers

ICE arrests 23 illegal workers Enforcement action at Arcata flower grower, The Sun Valley Group, is part of ongoing ICE investigation.

Gustav Evacuations

Hurricane Gustav For detainees evacuated from the South Louisiana Correctional Center, located in Basile, Louisiana, or from Orleans Parish Prison, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, please call: the New Orleans Field Office, Emergency Operations Center at (901) 333-1562.

ICE arrests 595 at Mississippi plant

ICE agent escorting man Charges include aggravated identity theft, fraudulent use of Social Security numbers and individuals illegally in the United States.

Key suspect in massacre returned to Mexico

Fugitive alien was wanted for the execution-style slaying of 19 people, including five children, in 1998. Fugitive alien was wanted for the execution-style slaying of 19 people, including five children, in 1998.

Feds bust child pornography ring

55 charged in multi-agency agency probe targeting use of peer-to-peer networks to exchange child pornography 55 charged in multi-agency agency probe targeting use of peer-to-peer networks to exchange child pornography

Counterfeit toothpaste traffickers pleaded guilty

Toxic Toothpaste Two individuals and two corporations pleaded guilty to charges of trafficking in more than half a million tubes of counterfeit and tainted Colgate toothpaste.

ICE deports former military officer to Lima, Peru

ICE deports former military officer to Lima, Peru Former Peruvian military officer accused of human rights violations with alleged victims including children, pregnant women, elderly people, and political opponents.

106 immigration violators returned to Southeast Asia

106 immigration violators returned to Southeast Asia ICE coordinated the flight that returned 49 Filipinos, 44 Indonesians, and 13 Cambodians to their respective countries.

ICE dismantles counterfeit document mill

ICE dismantles counterfeit document mill Five Southern California men face federal charges for selling counterfeit identity and immigration documents out of video store.

42 illegal workers arrested at Dulles

42 illegal workers arrested at Dulles ICE agents make arrests at Dulles International Airport as part of a critical infrastructure protection (CIP) operation.

ICE arrests 57 illegal alien employees

Arrest of 57 illegial aliens North Carolina defense contractor responsible for manufacturing U.S. military parachutes

Schedule your departure back home

ICE Scheduled Departure New ICE program gives non-criminal fugitive aliens opportunity to avoid arrest and detention

ICE partners with Puerto Rico

Assitant Security Julie Myers and Puerto Rico's Secretary of Correction and Rehabilitation, Miguel Pereira, signing a partnership agreement that will assist in ensuring that aliens serving criminal sentences are identified and processed for removal prior to their release from state custody ICE and Puerto Rico Department of Correction and Rehabilitation partner to remove criminal aliens and save tax payers millions of dollars

ICE arrests woman selling fake Botox to doctors

ICE arrests woman selling fake Botox to doctors Los Angeles woman arrested after allegedly selling Human Growth Hormone and counterfeit Botox over the Internet

Monet paintings: French national pleads guilty

A picture of Monet's Cliffs Near Dieppe, 1897 French national pleads guilty to international stolen art conspiracy involving paintings by Monet, Sisley, and Brueghel

Airport Worker Sentenced for Smuggling

Airplane at O'hare Airport, Chicago Former O'Hare Airport worker sentenced to 2 years in prison for illegally exporting cash and military items

ICE Participates in Dedication and Open House

ICE Participates in Dedication and Open House ICE partners with Departments of Justice, Commerce, Health & Human Services, Postal Inspection, private industry, and law enforcement communities to help protect Intellectual Property Rights

1,500 BC Artifacts Returned to Colombia

artifacts 66 pre-Columbian artifacts, some over 3,000 years old, were seized by ICE and returned home to Colombia.

$6 million in cocaine seized

261 kilograms of cocaine displayed ICE special agents, working with Puerto Rico Police Department's Joint Forces for Rapid Action, found more than 261 kilograms of cocaine.

Chinese drug counterfeiter guilty

Profile The owner of Pacific Orient International Ltd. was convicted of trafficking in counterfeit goods and trafficking in counterfeit pharmaceuticals in Houston.

Agriprocessors 'supervisors' arrested

Cedar Rapids Two alleged supervisors at the Agriprocessors Inc. plant in Postville, Iowa, were arrested on various criminal immigration and fraudulent identity charges.

$2M in Ecstasy seized

Ecstasy Canadian faces charges in smuggling Ecstasy in exchange for cocaine.

5 Houston employers charged

ICE A criminal complaint charged the owner and managers of Action Rags USA, a Houston exporter and grader of used clothing, with conspiracy to harbor illegal aliens.

Charged in Exports to Iran

Helicopters flying ICE arrests two munitions dealers charged with conspiring to export military aircraft parts to Iran.

'Most Wanted' predator suspect caught

Leonard B. Auerbach, a fugitive on the ICE's Most Wanted list was captured in Cuba A mortgage finance expert from the San Francisco area, who fled the country two months ago rather than face child sex tourism charges, was expelled by Cuba.

Alleged Hell's Angels drug ring

Alleged Hell's Angels drug ring Two Canadian men who allegedly ran a cross-border cocaine and marijuana smuggling scheme for the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang were arrested, capping a three-year undercover investigation.

Mexican trade transparency unit

ICE launches Trade Transparency Unit in Mexico City as part of bi-lateral cooperation with Mexico Customs Julie L. Myers, Assistant Secretary for ICE, and Juan Jose Bravo Moises, Administrator General for Mexico Customs, launch new Trade Transparency Unit in Mexico City.

DHS team arrests drug suspect off P.R.

ICE Agents seized 567 kilograms of cocaine, now they are inspecting it. ICE, working jointly with Caribbean Border Interagency Group seizes approximately 567 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of more than $17 million.

ICE dismantles money laundering organization

An arrest of one of the suspects Agents arrest ten for laundering more than $9 million in three years through the Black Market Peso Exchange, a decades-old money laundering infrastructure believed to handle billions worth of illicit dollars annually

More than 325 arrests in Los Angeles

ICE agents make arrests Three week long, state-wide fugitive operation enforcement effort nets more than 900 arrests in California.

306 criminally charged in Iowa

ICE agent makes worksite arrest 306 workers of those arrested on administrative immigration charges at Agriprocessors Inc., in Postville, Iowa, have been charged criminally.

39 arrested in Phoenix area

Multiple law enforcement agencies gather to discuss arrest Week-long joint law enforcement operations in Arizona arrested illegal aliens, 7 of whom had criminal histories.

Guilty in software auction scam

Photo of Jeremiah Mondello Oregon man conducted thousands of online auctions, using more than 40 fictitious usernames and online payment accounts to sell counterfeit software.

80 arrested for marriage fraud

Wedding picture of a man and woman standing underneath an arch Federal agencies teamed to round up couples who married in Florida allegedly to cheat the immigration system.

ICE arrests INTERPOL suspect

Predator's capture Within days of INTERPOL's call for assistance, ICE identified and arrested a suspect in the production and distribution of child pornography.

ICE, INTERPOL seek predator's identity

Unidentified Male This man, whose name, nationality and location are unknown, is featured in hundreds of images of child sexual abuse.

Predator suspect joins 'Most Wanted' list

Photo of Leonard B. Auerbach on his horse ICE seeks the public's help in locating a 61-year-old California mortgage finance expert who fled after being charged with child sex tourism and possession of child pornography.

175 kilograms of cocaine seized in Puerto Rico

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents, working jointly with officers assigned to the Caribbean Corridor Initiative, seized here this morning 175 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of more than $5 million and arrested three men connected to the smuggling attempt. Three men traveling from the Dominican Republic were spotted by CBP and turned over to ICE agents, who seized about $5 million in drugs.

ICE and DOJ target ID theft at poultry plants

ICE arrest sits Simultaneous enforcement actions were carried out at Pilgrim's Pride plants in five states. ICE arrested more than 300 workers suspected of committing ID theft and other criminal and immigration violations.

NY restaurant owner charged with harboring

Map of locations ICE agents arrested 11 individuals for conspiring to harbor illegal aliens who were smuggled into the U.S. to work in restaurants in four states.

177 kilos of cocaine seized

Table full of seized cocaine ICE, CBP and Puerto Rican Police seize cocaine valued at $5 million in vessel abandoned in chase.

School head charged in visa fraud

Picture of Behzad A Beverly Hills man who operates two schools that teach English to foreign students was charged with running a visa fraud scheme that allowed foreign nationals, including Russian prostitutes, to obtain student visas.

Reward for "Most Wanted" fugitive Pena Pena

Photo of Pena Pena Colombia drug smuggling ring leader wanted for cocaine trafficking, money laundering and kidnapping of an ICE agent

59 undocumented workers arrested at luxury hotel

ICE agents interviewed roughly 100 employees that resulted in the arrest of 53 immigration status violators working at the resort. ICE agents interviewed roughly 100 employees that resulted in the arrest of immigration status violators working at the resort. The 59 men and woman are nationals of El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina, and all face removal proceedings.

Arms seized in Arizona

A .50-caliber sniper rifle A multi-agency ICE-led task force seized a weapons cache in Tucson, including a Serbu .50 caliber sniper rifle, apparently bound for Mexico.

Police killing suspect deported

Suspect is fingerprinted Jaime Eufracio Castaneda is fingerprinted after being arrested in California on a tip from Mexican authorities.

Murder suspect returned to Mexico

Photo of Gregorio Delgado-Munoz A Mexican fugitive wanted for a homicide was identified in U.S. prison and sent home to face justice.

Traffickers smuggled weapons into Mexico

Weapons ICE & ATF agents arrest 3 and seizure 24 weapons

Guilty pleas in U.N. documents fraud

Guilty pleas in U.N. documents fraud Two men fraudulently procured large numbers of United States entry visas for non-U.S. citizens

8 charged in Virginia document ring

Counterfeit ID ring sold Ohio and Puerto Rico identities to those violating immigration laws Counterfeit ID ring sold Ohio and Puerto Rico identities to those violating immigration laws

600 arrested in Phoenix area

More than 50 illegal aliens were discovered at a drop house in Avondale today, bringing the total number of aliens arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to more than 600 in the past seven days. Drop houses have been identified across the Phoenix metropolitan area with help of local police in the last week.

$11 million in cocaine seized

Seized cocaine Two men were arrested in Puerto Rico for allegedly attempting to illegally import 456 kilograms of cocaine.

Fake network hardware seized

Fake hardware United States and Canada target the illegal distribution of counterfeit network hardware manufactured in China.

First counterfeit drug case extradition

Bottles of fake viagra A citizen of the Philippines was extradited to the United States from Thailand for conspiring to import and distribute counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs into the U.S.

Employers sentenced in cleaning firm scam

Operation Cleanup map Three Florida residents received between 10 and 2 years in federal prison for running a nationwide janitorial firm that employed illegal aliens at sites across the nation.

Huge apparel smuggling ring hit

Confiscated fake goods The owner of a Los Angeles-area trucking company pleaded guilty to one of the largest schemes that brought Chinese-made clothes into the West Coast without paying customs duties.

Five more IFCO managers indicted

Five IFCO managers indicted on federal charges stemming from employing illegal aliens Five more managers of the Pallet Management Division of IFCO Systems North America have been indicted in the April 2006 worksite enforcement operation, shown here.

Marijuana house discovered in Florida

Marijuana house discovered following joint investigation One hundred ninety-three marijuana plants were discovered in a Loxahatchee home by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents and officers assigned to the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office (PBSO).

Fugitive teams make 225 arrests in 6 states

ICE police arresting a man Eleven fugitive operations teams made arrests in New York, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Missouri in a four-day operation

Fraudulent document factory shut down

Immigration documents A Mexican national was arrested in Wilmington, Del., on federal charges of producing and misusing immigration documents, Social Security cards and driver's licenses.

Fake Federal Reserve notes scam stopped

A copy of the counterfeit Federal Reserve notes An alleged Los Angeles financial scam aimed to sell hundreds of counterfeit Federal Reserve notes, many with a purported face value of a half billion dollars.

Mom reunited with kidnapped baby

Francisca Garcia-Favila, of Mexico, center, is reunited with baby Alexandra, with from left, Guillermo Ochoa, ICE Attaché, Juarez; Nadia Julieta Salazar Alvarez, Ministrio Publico Federal Procuraduria General de la Republica (PGR); and Richard S. Curry, ICE Assistant Special Agent in Charge Francisca Garcia-Favila, of Mexico, center, is reunited with baby Alexandra, with from left, Guillermo Ochoa, ICE Attaché, Juarez; Nadia Julieta Salazar Alvarez, Ministrio Publico Federal Procuraduria General de la Republica (PGR); and Richard S. Curry, ICE Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Las Vegas.

Aliens smuggled in hidden compartments

Image of a modified van used to smuggle illegal aliens and an illegal alien hiding underneath a seat with his shoes off Father and son owners of an Oxnard, Calif., body shop are accused of fitting vehicles with hidden compartments and used them to smuggle illegal aliens into the U.S.

Team work with NBA nets fakes

Picture of purses ICE crackdown on New Orleans vendors seizes $732,000 in counterfeit items during All Star Game weekend.

85 hidden inside trailers with no means of escape

One of the tractor trailers that carried the illegal aliens Eighty-five illegal aliens were arrested here Thursday night as they were being smuggled into the United States hidden inside four tractor trailers inspection.

Joint Phoenix operation deports criminals

ICE Agents transporting an illegal alien criminal in Phoenix. In Phoenix, more than 110 foreign-born criminals on probation in Maricopa County have been arrested and now face deportation as a result of a new operation.

Mexican smuggler gets life sentence

Bernardo Mancinas-Flores, 29 of Escuinapa, Sinaloa, Mexico was found guilty of holding 15 illegal aliens, including a 3-year-old girl, in a house in Phoenix. A Mexican man has been sentenced to life in prison plus seven years after being found guilty by a federal jury of multiple charges for his role in a violent smuggling-related hostage incident investigated by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Army pilot accused of dealing in stolen art

One of 370 pre-dynastic artifacts were stolen from the Ma'adi Museum near Cairo, Egypt. The artifacts, dating to 3000 B.C. and earlier, were originally discovered during an excavation in Egypt in the 1920s and 1930s. Pre-dynastic artifacts stolen from the Ma'adi Museum near Cairo, dated to 3000 B.C. and earlier, have been discovered in the United States.

ICE deports Mexican drug enforcer after he served prison sentence

ICE removed to Mexico Robert Orozco-Fernandez through the Brownsville, Texas, Port of Entry on Tuesday morning. ICE Special Response Team turns over to Mexican authorities a man wanted for allegedly overseeing the protection of the Juarez Drug Cartel kingpins.

ICE teams up with NFL to crackdown on fake goods

ICE Enforcers examine football jersey. ICE agents and NFL investigators descended at numerous stores in Glendale, Arizona, over the weekend, seizing an array of counterfeit items as part of a crackdown leading up to this year's Super Bowl.

Fraud trends employers might see

Worksite Enforcement Advisory - Know Your Workforce ICE issues advice for employers on spotting the latest trends in document fraud.

DRO deports Jamaican wanted for killing two cops

Raymond Jackson, a.k.a. A top lieutenant of the Clansman gang who is wanted by Jamaican authorities for the murder of two police officers was deported yesterday.

Fugitive on ICE's 10 "Most Wanted" list captured in Los Angeles

David Rivera, 33, is expected to make his initial appearance in federal court here this morning on felony charges of re-entering the United States following a formal deportation, a violation that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. MS-13 gang member sought for questioning by LAPD in several homicides

DRO removes 107 aliens to Nigeria and the Middle East

Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS) ICE executes major removal operation of 107 individuals, including criminals with histories of sexual crimes, assault, cruelty to a child, drug convictions, embezzlement, forgery, fraud and counterfeit.

ICE arrests former Juarez, Mexico, public safety director on drug, bribery charges

Former Ciudad Juarez public safety director Saulo Reyes-Gamboa gets arrested on drug and bribery charges here. Mexican entrepreneur had made arrangements to continue smuggling drugs to El Paso

ICE targets human trafficking

Human Trafficking: Hidden in Plain Sight ICE targets human trafficking in public service announcement. Special report "Sex Slaves in America" airs on MSNBC tonight.

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