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SEVIS By The Numbers

(Data as of June 30, 2006)

SEVIS By The Numbers is a statistical breakdown of the system's performance and trends in foreign student representation in U.S. academic and exchange programs.

SEVIS By The Numbers includes a wide range of useful statistics, such as the number of schools registered in the program; the number of students coming to the United States from different countries; the geographic distribution of foreign student populations in the United States; and other key data points.

All statistics are presented in aggregate form - SEVIS By The Numbers does not reveal personal information on individual students or exchange visitors registered in the program.


This Web site displays charts, graphs, tables and analysis of data collected from the SEVIS database.

Detailed analysis of this and other data is presented in the following sections:

When comparing SEVIS data to other data regarding non-immigrant students and exchange visitors, please keep the following in mind:

  • SEVIS counts reflect a "point in time.” Significant changes often occur from one month to the next.
  • Other data sources often focus only on institutions of higher education, while SEVIS' reach is broader -- including secondary schools, vocational schools and other institutions outside of higher education. In addition, it includes the thirteen categories of the Exchange Visitor Program: student (university/college and secondary); physician; au pair; camp counselor; summer work/travel; trainee; government visitor; international visitor; professor; research scholar; short-term scholar; specialist; and, teacher.

Questions concerning the data should be directed by e-mail to

General Statistics

Number of Approved Schools 8,607
Total Number of Campuses 10,911
Students (F-1 & M-1)
Number of Active Students 583,959
Exchange Visitor Programs and Visitors (J-1)
Number of Active Exchange Programs 1,434
Number of Active Exchange Visitors (J-1) 212,103

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