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Web Links

There are numerous sources of information on magnetism on the Web today. We have listed a few sites that we know about. This listing is primarily composed of sites not hosted by the U.S. Government. Sites are separated into the following types:

Definitions and Glossaries:

General Interest:

Solar-Terrestrial Physics and Space Weather:

Earth's Magnetism:

Other Data Providers (these links are all off-site from NOAA):

Some Books on Geomagnetism:

  • Langel, R.A., The Main Field, in Geomagnetism, Volume 1, J. Jacobs (Editor), Academic Press, 1987.
  • Chapman, S., and J. Bartels, Geomagnetism, Oxford University Press (Clarendon), London and New York, Volumes 1 and 2, 1940.
  • Campbell, Wallace H, Introduction to Geomagnetic Fields Cambridge University Press, ISBN 571936, 1997.
  • Nelson H. J., L. Hurwitz and D. Knapp, Magnetism of the Earth, Publication 40-1 US Department of Commerce, United States Government Printing Office, Washington, 1962.
  • United States Department of Commerce, Magnetic Poles and the Compass, Serial 726, Washington, 1962 (out of print, reproductions only available).

Historical Geomagnetic Data Reports:

  • Information about a digital inventory of historical publications at NGDC can be found here.