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WISE EARS!® Tips: Hearing Matters--Protect It

  • Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable.

  • There are three things to consider about noise: How loud. How long. How close.

  • Workplace noises contribute to noise-induced hearing loss.

  • An extreme noise like a firecracker, experienced at close range, can damage hearing permanently in an instant.

  • Repeated exposure to engines and machines like motorcycles or chain saws can erode hearing more slowly. The result is the same: irreversible hearing loss.

  • Be aware of damaging noise.

  • Be prepared to protect your hearing. Carry earplugs or other protection.

  • Understand how hearing works and how it can be damaged.

  • If you are wearing a personal stereo headphones or earbuds. . . and the person next to you can hear the lyrics to the song . . . damage.

  • If your teenager is doing lawn work for the summer, using a gasoline engine but not wearing hearing protection, hour after hour, . . . damage.

  • If anyone in your family uses a firearm for recreational shooting and does not use hearing protection . . . damage.

  • If your kids are watching you cut wood with a power saw to build a bookshelf in your basement and no one is wearing protection . . . you are all experiencing damage.

  • Riddle: What is painless, odorless, tasteless, invisible, and toxic? Noise-induced hearing loss.

Protected ears are WISE EARS!® and WISE EARS!® last a lifetime.


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