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WISE EARS!® Radio Spots

(Updated June 30, 1999)

File One: 4th of July Special--"Firecrackers" (30 seconds)
(1812 OVERTURE WITH BAND AND CANNON UNDER) Exploding firecrackers can injure your hearing instantly and permanently. Over time, so can that drill you use at work. . . chain saws, motorcycles, ALL amplified music. To learn more about protecting your hearing for a lifetime, call WISE EARS!® at 1-800-241-1044. That's 1-800-241-1044. Make it a safe holiday. Keep your hearing for a lifetime. WISE EARS!® 1-800-241-1044 (MUSIC UP AND OUT WITH APPLAUSE AND FIRECRACKERS)

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File Two: "Summer" (30 seconds)
Summer is really here. Pack a little something extra for the weekend--EARPLUGS! Enjoy the excitement of summer without hurting your hearing. Your good sense has been telling you all along that firecrackers can hurt your hearing (SFX FIRE CRACKERS UNDER) instantly and permanently (XFADE TO BAND). That ringing in your ears is telling you that the music is too loud . . . and the leafblower and (SFX OF MOWER UNDER) lawnmower are taking a toll on your hearing. To learn more about noise in the workplace and about noise at home, call WISE EARS!® at 1-800-241-1044. 1-800-241-1044.

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File Three: (Evergreen) "Do You Want To Know A Way To Age Faster?" (30 seconds)
(SFX BUZZSAW UNDER) Would you like to know a way to age faster? Ignore your hearing. That's right . . . ignore what your good sense is telling you about sounds that hurt instantly like firecrackers or sounds that hurt over time like loud, amplified music, gas mowers, leaf blowers, motorcycles, tractors, and electric drills. These are noises that rob you of your young ears. Call WISE EARS!® at 1-800-241-1044 to learn how to protect your hearing. (SFX OUT) That's 1-800-241-1044.


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