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Homeland Security 5 Year Anniversary 2003 - 2008, One Team, One Mission Securing the Homeland

Research Events

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) participates in a number of events throughout the year. The Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) and the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) participate in events to reach out to the public and disseminate knowledge regarding new technologies that help homeland security officials better do their jobs to protect the homeland. The following events include participation from DHS S&T.

September 2008

Nation Defense Industrial Assocation (NDIA) Homeland Security Symposium and Expo

Dates: September 9-10, 2008

Location: Marriott Gateway Crystal City, Arlington, Va.

Event Overview The symposium theme explores timely and relevant topics of interest to commercial companies engaged in the homeland security marketplace. The event is attended by representatives from industry, government and academia. Key government leaders and policy makers, as well as recognized industry and academic experts participate in the annual event. This event will provide an ideal opportunity for one-on-one contact with key stakeholder groups, and to facilitate utilization of S&T programs and services. This will also provide a forum to promote the upcoming “Technologies for Critical Incident Preparedness” conference which is scheduled for late October in Chicago. For more information visit NDIA.

ASIS International Security Seminar

Dates: September 15-18, 2008

Location: Atlanta, Ga.

Event Overview ASIS is the leading event to learn about new trends, explore emerging technology, seek hands-on solutions, and network with fellow practitioners and security industry leaders. Participation will serve a number of important purposes: to inform participants of programs and services coordinated by and through S&T; to facilitate utilization of those programs and services; and to solicit ideas and suggestions to common technological problems and issues they face. For more information visit ASIS.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Standadization Conference

Dates: September 16-18, 2008

Location: Lansdowne, Va.

Event Overview This conference is sponsored by the United States Department of Defense (DOD), NATO Standardization Agency, and Allied Command Transformation (ACT). The event will bring together national delegates and experts from NATO and partner countries. The conference theme “Interoperability through Standardization” reflects the close linkage between standardization and interoperability, which helps to support multinational force operations. This event is tightly targeted to a specific audience. S&T participation is essential to convey team-building and intergovernmental partnerships. The opportunity can be useful in educating stakeholders to the workings of the S&T Directorate and informing them of programs and services coordinated by and through S&T. Participation is expected from the S&T T&E and Standards Division, as well as the Safety Act office. For more information visit NATO Standardization Conference.

International County/City Management Association

Dates: September 21-24, 2008

Location: Richmond, Va.

Event Overview Each year, through its Annual Conference, ICMA continues its tradition of offering an abundance of educational, information-sharing, and networking tools to help manage local communities in today's complex, challenging local government environment. Attendance at this important venue will extend DHS S&T conduct of an extensive program of outreach aimed at providing key stakeholders including government officials, with important information about the process and results of the directorate’s activities. Events like ICMA follow the premise that personal one-on-one contact is the most effective way to convey this information. For more information visit ICMA.

Mid-Atlantic Life Safety Conference

Dates: September 23, 2008

Location: Laurel, Md.

Event Overview Participants typically represent a wide variety of vocational fields and interests, including public safety, fire suppression, law enforcement, public and private education, detention/correction, engineering, health care, emergency management and the general public. The Mid-Atlantic Life Safety Conference is the longest continuously operated conference of its kind in the nation. This effort is based on the desire to help convey the goals and objectives of the S&T directorate. The R-Tech program will display some of its successful technology projects and will be on hand to discuss their First-responder programs.

National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO)

Dates: September 23-24, 2008

Location: Tacoma, Wash.

Event Overview The NASEMSO Annual Meeting addresses current issues and trends in emergency medical services systems. Programs are conducted to maximize information exchange and dialogue with state EMS officials on current EMS issues. Exhibits of advanced equipment, technology, and services are part of the meeting. S&T participation will serve to educate attendees about the workings of the S&T Directorate and will inform them of programs and services available to them including the S&T Stakeholders-West conference which will take place in the same geographic region in February of 2009. For more information visit NASEMSO.

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October 2008

Asia-Pacific S&T Summit

Dates: October 7-9, 2008

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Event Overview This event is coordinated by the Hawaii National Guard and as such provides a unique opportunity to generate valuable new partnerships in order to convey information, awareness and understanding of the DHS S&T effort. The focus will be internal Education into the workings of the S&T Directorate and its relationship to the day-to-day Homeland Security functions and responsibilities of Stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region; and to Inform both the internal and external audience of programs and services coordinated by and through the S&T Directorate. For more information visit Asia-Pacific Homeland Security Expo.

EMS Expo 2008

Dates: October 13-17, 2008

Location: Las Vegas, Nev.

Event Overview EMS expo is North America’s largest gathering of Emergency Medical Service Professionals. Upwards of six-thousand participants are expected to attend. The event provides significant one-on-one contact opportunities to convey information about the S&T directorate directly to this critical stakeholder group. For more information visit EMS Expo.

Technologies for Critical Incident Preparedness

Dates: October 29-31, 2008

Location: Chicago, Ill.

Event Overview This 10TH Annual Conference provides DOJ, DHS, and DoD the opportunity to highlight the technology and training tools currently available and being developed for the emergency responder community and to elicit responder technology requirements. This three-day Conference will provide a forum for emergency responders to discuss best practices and exchange information. This Conference will bring together key leaders and decision makers -- offering responders, business and industry, academia, and Federal, State, tribal, and local stake-holders a unique forum to network, exchange ideas, and collaboratively address critical incident preparedness and technology needs, protocols, and solutions. For more information visit CTC. 

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November 2008

Vermont Emergency Preparedness Conference

Dates: November 6, 2008

Location: Fairlee, Vt.

Event Overview These sessions will address many different aspects of preparedness, including communities, schools, weather, special needs populations, and individuals. And since preparedness results in overall community resiliency, best practices are to be shared from model communities. Participants will have the chance to look at the many resources available in Vermont and interact with the members of those groups. Representatives from the S&T Interagency Programs office will be on hand to discuss their role in helping communities and individuals prepare for emergency situations. For more information visit Vermont Emergency Management.

SBIR National Conference

Dates: November 11-14, 2008

Location: Hartford, Conn.

Event Overview The 2008 SBIR National provides important educational tools and information ad well as critical networking opportunities with people who can help you achieve small business goals. Participants Learn the what, how, and who of the SBIR/STTR programs; how to tap into the $2+ Billion business resource known as the National SBIR/STTR Program; and Build connections with several federal agencies. For more information visit Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology.

National League of Cities Congress of Cities and Expo

Dates: November 11-15, 2008

Location: Orlando, Fla.

Event Overview The annual Congress of Cities and Exposition is the premier skills building and knowledge sharing event for city officials and employees. The Exposition is one of the largest exhibits for city officials and employees to come face-to-face with agencies that serve municipal needs. The event offers a broad range of learning opportunities including Leadership Training Institute Seminars, peer-to-peer networking, workshops, showcases, and an exposition hall. DHS S&T participation is aimed at providing key stakeholders including government officials, with important information about the process and results of the directorate’s activities. For more information visit National League of Cities.

International Association of Emergency Managers and EMEX

Dates: November 15-20, 2008

Location: Kansas City, Kan.

Event Overview The IAEM Annual Conference provides a forum for current trends and topics, information about the latest tools and technology in emergency management and homeland security, and advances IAEM committee work. Sessions encourage stakeholders at all levels of government, the private sector, public health and related professions to exchange ideas on collaborating to protect lives and property from disaster. S&T will use this important forum to Educate stakeholders, to the workings of the S&T Directorate; To Inform them of programs and services coordinated by and through the S&T Directorate; to Facilitate their utilization of those programs and to Solicit ideas and suggestions to common technological problems and issues they face. For more information visit IAEM.

COMDEF 2008 Technologies for Border Security, Defense and Commerce

Dates: November 17-19, 2008

Location: Tucson, Az.

Event Overview Information coming soon.

Coast Guard Innovation Expo

Dates: November 17-20, 2008

Location: Virginia Beach, Va.

Event Overview For more information visit USCG.

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December 2008

Council of State Governments Trends and Leadership Forum

Dates: December 4-7, 2008

Location: Omaha, Neb.

Event Overview The Council of State Governments is a multibranch organization forecasting policy trends for the community of states, commonwealths and territories on a national and regional basis. CSG informs elected and appointed officials about emerging trends, innovative responses, and advocates multistate problem solving. Attendance at this venue will extend DHS S&T outreach aimed at providing key stakeholders with important information about the process and results of the directorate’s activities. For more information visit CSG.

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