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President's Management Agenda at DOE

Secretary BodmanI am proud to join the Department of Energy with its excellent record in implementing the President's Management Agenda. As we institute management reforms and transform the Department of Energy into the kind of results-oriented organization of which all Americans can be proud, we will use the President's Management Agenda as the guidepost for our efforts.
                                      Secretary Samuel W. Bodman

Former Deputy Secretary SellMy commitment to ensuring the Department continues its outstanding record on implementing the President’s Management Agenda is steadfast – not because we want to receive good scores, but because we must be well managed to achieve the President’s energy priorities. Using the President’s Management Agenda as our roadmap, we will transform the Department into an organization that makes good on its promises and delivers results for the Nation.                      Former Deputy Secretary Clay Sell

Strong Record of Achievement 

When the President's Management Agenda (PMA) was launched in 2001, OMB rated DOE red on all five government-wide PMA initiatives.   On the most recent scorecard (December 31, 2004), DOE received four green status ratings and one yellow status rating, which makes it among the highest performing agencies. 

This progress is a direct result of the Department’s drive toward operational excellence. From the time the PMA was announced in 2001, DOE’s senior leadership embraced its principles as an opportunity to make much-needed management reforms.

In addition, to the five government-wide initiatives, DOE has responsibility for the new Federal Real Property Initiative and the Research and Development Investment Criteria Initiative.   Most recently, DOE received a green progress score on Federal Real Property and a green progress score on R&D Investment Criteria. 

The record of achievement is a source of pride for everyone at DOE and the results are impressive. But the work has just begun and the challenges are great. Secretary Bodman is committed to guiding DOE to even greater achievements and delivering tangible results to our customers – the citizens of the United States.

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